Easy-to-Make Kids' Halloween Costumes

Easy homemade kids' Halloween costumes will make your little fairies or rock stars the talk of the town. These speedy Halloween costumes are perfect for little trick-or-treaters who need disguises in a flash.

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    Adorable Elephant

    This elephant costume that is almost too cute for words and it's so easy. Apply matching felt to a gray sweat suit to make this adorable costume; the sweats are perfect for a chilly night of trick-or-treating, and make the costume super budget-friendly!

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    Feathery Bird Costume

    Bright feathered wings pair perfectly with a plain cotten sweatsuit to create this super easy (and super cheap!) kid's costume. And since it's all made from paper, this adorable bird costume won't leave you with a feathery mess to clean up when trick-or-treating is over.

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    Clown Costume

    Add a few embellishments to a set of kids' long underwear for the cutest clown costume ever! This costume is seriously so easy - and so cheap! Use our instructions to create the perfect trick-or-treating ensemble.

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    Knight Costume

    Give your child their shining armor with a storebought sweatshirt and a few pieces of felt! Cut a sweatshirt hood to make the helmet, and add a felt badge to the front of a plain tshirt. Cute, easy, and very budget-friendly. Plus, since it's made from sweats, your little one will be warm on Halloween night!

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    Woodland Beaver Costume

    This woodland beaver costume is so adorable - and it's so easy! Stitch light brown felt to a dark brown store-bought sweat suit to make a budget-friendly costume that is almost too cute for words. Plus, with our how-to, you'll be finished in minutes!

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    It's Magic! Easy Witch Costume

    This costume is so easy, it could be magic! With a few pieces of fabric and some simple stitching, you'll have this easy hat and dress combination finished in no time. Add an adorable broom to the ensemble and your little one will be ready to fly around the neighborhood collecting candy.

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    Shining Star

    All you need for this project is a piece of cardboard, glue, and gold glitter - it's really that easy! Cut a hole for your child's face and cover in glitter; pair the star with a color-coordinating outfit and your costume is ready!


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    Princess Costume

    Queen for a day! Create a glittery crown and wand with metallic pipe-cleaners and glittery poms. Simply bend them together and attach poms with hot glue. 

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    Tree Costume

    Stitch felt leaves to a plain green sweatshirt and pair with brown sweatpants for this cute-as-can-be tree costume. So easy, it'll be ready in minutes - and since all you have to buy is sweats and a few pieces of felt, it's super budget-friendly!

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    Adorable Peacock Costume

    Add an intricate-looking felt tail to a plain blue and yellow combo for the easiest costume ever! And, since the majority of the felt and foam is attached to the tail, instead of the clothing, you can keep the shirt and pants for your little one to wear again!

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    Buggy Costume

    All eyes are on this alien costume. To create, paint black spots on white foam balls. Wrap with neon green pipe-cleaners and attach to a nuetral headband. Add extra twists and turns for the wackiest pair of eyes.

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    Picasso in Training Costume

    Emulate a renowned artist in pint-size form this Halloween. All it takes is a little artistic license. Drip and splatter colorful paint onto a white, adult button-down shirt. Slip the smock over any colorful top, and then add a beret, an artist's brush, and a palette to complete the masterpiece.

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    Gnome Costume

    A simple felt hat and white pipe-cleaners is all it takes to create this adorable gnome costume. Simply curly them together to make the beard and bend the ends to fit around each ear. To make the hat, fold red felt into a cone and attach with bobby pins. 

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    Circus Acrobat Costume

    This flashy circus girl's Halloween costume is easily made from a pair of satin pajama pants, a leotard with filmy sleeves, and sparkly embellishments.

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