11 Ways to Maximize Pumpkin

Can't get enough pumpkin? We're sharing 11 creative ways to get more pumpkin in your life.

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Which Halloween Character Are You?

On October 31, should you patiently wait for the Great Pumpkin, spook the house's new residents, or claim that you ain't scared of no ghosts? Take our quiz…if you dare.

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Outrageous Pumpkins You HAVE to See

These spooky pumpkins are sure to scare up laughs and fun! Get complete DIY carving instructions here.

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Hipster Pumpkin Stencils

Grab your cardigan, pause your cassette tape, and pick a pumpkin that perfectly encompasses your hipster vibe. If you're feeling nostalgic, share this with your friends.

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3-Layer Candy Corn Drink: Perfect for Halloween!

Pretty colors and fruity flavors stand out in this 3-layer drink that looks just like candy corn. Adorable!

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Lazy Girl's Halloween Cupcakes

When you'd prefer to prep for your Halloween party by styling your zombie makeup instead of piping cupcakes, look to GeorgetownCupcake.com for a dozen creepy sweets just in time for All Hallows Eve.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

Ah, the popcorn ball. Three steps, basic ingredients, and some literal hands-on fun are at the heart of these classic treats that go just as well at a party as at low-key streaming-movie night. Now pop to it!

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Popular in Halloween

Chinese Takeout Kid's Costume for Halloween

Chinese takeout never looked so good. Make this clever costume for your Chinese food lover on Halloween.

For the carryout container you'll need:

  • Cardboard box
  • 4 yards of 36-inch-wide red paper (sold off the roll at art supply stores)
  • Gold paper
  • Two 1-yard lengths of 11/2-inch ribbon
  • Packing tape
  • Utility knife

For the shirt you'll need:

  • Shirt
  • 1/2x12x36-inch white plastic foam sheet
  • Utility knife

For the hat you'll need:

  • Three 12x18-inch sheets of light brown crafts foam
  • 1 sheet of white crafts foam
  • Florist's wire
  • Black paint marker
  • Khaki hat
  • Stapler

How to Make the Carryout Container:

  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the box large enough to allow your child to walk comfortably (see photo). Trim the top four flaps so they are 8 inches tall.
  2. Wrap and tape red paper around the box and all four flaps. Cut designs out of the gold paper and glue them around the front and back of the box.
  3. Cut two pairs of 2-inch horizontal slits -- leaving a 1/2-nch space between slits -- he front of the box. In the same manner, cut two pairs of slits on the back of the box.
  4. To make the shoulder straps, thread one end of a ribbon through the slits in the front and back of the box. Repeat this process with the second ribbon. Adjust the length of the ribbons to fit your child, and securely knot each ribbon end inside the box.

How to Make the Shirt:

  1. Lay the plastic foam sheet on a protected work surface.
  2. With the utility knife, cut irregular grains of rice approximately 1x6 inches long.
  3. Gently compress the edges of each piece of rice with your fingertips to strengthen it and give it a rounded appearance.
  4. Hot-glue the finished rice to the front and back of the shirt. Reserve a few pieces to glue onto the brim of the hat.

How to Make the Hat:

  1. To make the fortune-cookie hat, stack two sheets of brown crafts foam together. Trim off each corner to make a half circle. Staple the length of the 18-inch straight edge together (see photo A).
  2. Open the rounded edges and bring them over the stapled edge. Line them up and staple the length of edges together (see photo B).
  3. Pull the corners of the crafts foam sheets together, creating the fortune-cookie shape (see photo C). Hot-glue the underside of the folded cookie to the top of the hat.
  4. Cut two 3-inch-wide strips of white crafts foam, and write a message on each with a black paint marker. Glue florist's wire to the underside of the messages. Glue one end of each message between the stapled edge on either side of the cookie hat.
  5. Cut a 1x18-inch strip from the third sheet of crafts foam, and hot-glue it over the stapled edge. Where this strip of trim meets the fortune, cut it in half lengthwise, and then glue the thin strips over and under the message (see photo D).
  6. Cut a 1/2x18-inch strip of crafts foam, and glue it along the top of the 1-inch strip, creating the appearance of a cookie¿s edge (see photo E).

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