Real Photos: Babies in Halloween Costumes, 2008

We can't get enough of these darling Halloween costumes. You made them. We enjoyed them. Now, we share them in a collection of our favorites.

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    Aiden the Lion from Nate & Aiden's Mommy

    Why we picked this: We love how the mane and tail of this costume was made of ribbon. What a clever, inexpensive way to make an adorable lion costume.

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    A Tadpole No Longer from tnkrbllv

    Why we picked this: This little tadpole makes an awesome frog. (We wonder if he could actually catch flies!)

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    Little Stinker from Mhemrich

    Why we picked this: We love the skunk costume, but we're not sure the Little Stinker is very happy about it. That facial expression is classic!

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    Curious Giraffe from cacichapman

    Why we picked this: Who says you have to be trick-or-treating to have fun? This tiny giraffe seems entertained just by playing in the grass.

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    Evan the Monkey from nikkilehman

    Why we picked this: It looks like Evan the Monkey is reaching for his favorite Halloween treat: bananas! We can't help but smile at his big ears.

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    A Fishy Penguin from anonymous

    Why we picked this: We love this penguin's soft yellow feet, and the matching fish bag is great for collecting goodies.

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    A Bright Turtle from corinneb04

    Why we picked this: Get ready. Get set. Go! This turtle looks ready to move. (And its big yellow eye follows us everywhere.)

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    A Tiny Turtle from e.malone

    Why we picked this: This tiny turtle can't wait to start trick-or-treating. Just remember: Slow and steady wins the candy!

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    Mighty Spider from tnkrbllv

    Why we picked this: This is the cutest spider we've ever seen. And we love the fact that her socks match the nose on her spider hat. Spider-chic!

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    Birds & Bugs

    Jake's First Halloween from juzmedarlene812

    Why we picked this: This fluffy chicken knows how to show off his new teeth -- just in time for Halloween candy.

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    Birds & Bugs

    Little Abby Ladybug from danetteg

    Why we picked this: Simple black polka dots on red wings make an adorable, quick ladybug costume. She seems very happy to wear it, too!

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    Birds & Bugs

    The Chicken Run from cacichapman

    Why we picked this: This chicken is on the move. Good thing, too. The early bird gets the candy!

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    Tiny Tigger from tylers.mommy.2006

    Why we picked this: This tiny Tigger gives the original Winnie-the-Pooh character a run for his money.

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    My Little Scarecrow from stfannin

    Why we picked this: This adorable scarecrow is anything but scary -- and we love the matching hat!

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    Robin to the Rescue from amcclure

    Why we picked this: We admit it: We love superheroes! And Robin's eyes look electric behind this felt mask.

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    A Tiny Elvis from sharper

    Why we picked this: This sparkling little Elvis is ready to rock. And we love the glamorous white suit and red cape. Love me tender? Who could resist?

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    Pea in a Pod from anonymous

    Why we picked this: We love how the bright green pod costume brings out the blue in this little one's eyes.

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    Furry Brown Bear from anonymous

    Why we picked this: Cute, fuzzy, able to touch his foot to his chin -- we think this brown bear is ready for action.

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    Precious Pink Bear from maribel.estrada

    Why we picked this: This precious pink bear costume really brings out this little one's big brown eyes.

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    Cutie Bear from lmaxey

    Why we picked this: We just want to scratch this cute bear's furry head. He's smart, too -- he's already got his paws on something sweet.

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    Baby Polar Bear from jensfsp

    Why we picked this: This is the happiest polar bear we've ever seen. Plus, we think those huge paws are perfect for a night of collecting candy.

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    My Little Pumpkin from slroberts83

    Why we picked this: Because this little one's big blue eyes mirror the round ones on the jack-o'-lantern below.

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    A Happy Pumpkin from

    Why we picked this: We can't help but laugh along with this happy pumpkin.

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    A Pumpkin's First Halloween from spegg

    Why we picked this: This tiny pumpkin is fully prepared for his first Halloween. We love the matching pumpkin bag!

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