Spookily Stylish Halloween Decorations

These Halloween decorating ideas combine eclectic and dramatic displays for unique (and pretty) Halloween decor.

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Antique Birdcage
Antique Birdcage

    Give a nod to Edgar Allan Poe, the master of scary stories, with a play on his poem "The Raven." Perch a raven on a branch inside an antique birdcage and stick the bleak message "Nevermore!" in its beak. Situate the birdcage in front of an old photo or a picture of Poe for extra effect.

Wicked Witch Legs

    Mannequin legs dressed in striped hose and buckled shoes give the illusion that a wayward witch crash landed in a moss-filled urn. This amusing display and a black-feather wreath on the door lure guests to the enchantments waiting inside.

Pirate's Loot Tabletopper

    Decorate a side table with a candelabra, a voodoo doll, and a pile of gold coins for a pirate's stash of valuables. Even better: Use chocolate coins so guests can snack if they have enough courage to grab one.

Putrid Potion Arrangement

    Add some toil and trouble to your Halloween display by grouping antique perfume bottles on a bronze serving platter to look like magic potions.

Creepy Cabinet Display

    Use a cabinet or chest of drawers for a dreadful display. Pull out random drawers and let old dishes, pottery, spooky statues, and eerie picture frames peek out.

Petrifying Perched Birds

    Summon images from Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds with this eerie wall display. This tree is painted on the wall, but you could get a similar (and nonpermanent) look by sketching a tree onto rolled paper, cutting it out, and taping it to the wall. Prop two ladders against the image and wire a swarm of artificial ravens to the rungs and some branches. Guests will be ducking for cover.

Morbid Mirror

    Hang a large antique mirror on a wall or set on an easel to reflect flickering light from candles placed around the room. Surround the mirror with smaller mirrors for an illuminating display.

Playful Pillows

    An easy way to add Halloween spirit to your home is by tossing black-and-white pillows about. A skeleton pillow on the couch is just waiting to rise from the dead.

Spiderweb Chandelier

    Drape a chandelier in shredded strips of cheesecloth to create wraithlike forms above a dining table, making sure the strips avoid contact with bulbs to prevent the risk of fire. Giant spiders on the walls will make dinner guests scared in their seats.

Boneyard Buggy

    An antique buggy filled with mini tombstones and statues stands as a creepy exhibit. Stuffed rat figures at the wheels round out the Halloween montage. Place on a fireplace hearth or inside your front door.

Chilling Chair

    Halloween is the perfect time to display torn and weathered furniture. This worn chair gets a spooky makeover with an iron-on bird transfer. Make your own chair design by printing a scary image on transfer paper and ironing it to the cushion.

Skeleton Candle Display

    These skeleton heads add intrigue to a mantle. Line Halloween-theme candle votives along a mirror for a haunting display.

Witch's Hand Stand

    Piles of yellowed paperbacks prop a ceramic witch hand, which clutches a sepia portrait. Photocopy an old picture and draw an eye mask onto it with markers, or print a mask onto an adhesive label and adhere to the photo.

Pirate Skeleton Mannequin

    Crown a pipe-smoking ceramic skull with a sailor's cap adorned with a pirate pin. Balance the skull on a scarf-swathed cloth mannequin body to create this dashingly creepy chap.

Masked Candle Sconce

    Lend a sinister Phantom of the Opera effect to a candle wall sconce by attaching masks to the sides of the candle. The candlelight will glow through the eyes, giving a mysterious look. Use battery operated candles to avoid fire risk.

Witch Head Vase

    Transform a tall vase into a witch head by filling the vase with branches and feathers, tying them at the top to create the illusion of a pointy hat. Adorn the vase with a green mask for the face. Place the wicked decoration in the front hall to greet your guests with a cackle.

Ghoulish Pumpkin

    Ghouls pop their heads in for a visit and take a load off their feet with this chair decoration. Rest a monster mask on a flat, green pumpkin to achieve this goofy look.

Dire Warning

    Give an ironic twist to a childhood warning by printing "Don't play with matches" in a creepy looking font on white paper. Add a silhouette of a goblin, then place the image in a frame and set next to a pile of matches and a lit candle to tempt guests. Use your imagination. Sayings such as "Don't run with scissors" can evoke laughs when placed next to a related display.

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