Long-Lasting Halloween Decorations

Looking for sleek fall decorating ideas that last all the way through Halloween? You've come to the right spot. Our collection of eclectic autumn displays and spookily stylish Halloween decor is sure to bring a little magic to your home all season long.

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    Magic Chalkboard Message Board

    Hang large framed chalkboards in your home to display notes of fall welcome and Halloween cheer. Switch up the frame and chalk colors to match your decorating style.

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    Fall Foliage Tree

    For a festive display of fall foliage, purchase autumnal fabric leaves and adhere to cardstock rectangles using crafts glue. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each card; thread twine through each hole and tie in a bow to hang.

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    Stunning Outdoor Fall Display

    Greet guests with a simple and sophisticated outdoor display of fall decor. Stack natural white pumpkins on a black wire patio chair and pair with artificial crows.

    Halloween Decoration Tip:
     Buy white plastic pumpkins or spray-paint available fake pumpkins to ensure they last throughout the season.

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    Framed Family Silhouettes and Lollipop Flowers

    Create mantel magic by tracing family members' shadows onto black construction paper and adding scarecrowlike features. For extra Halloween spunk, pair the wall art with printable orange-and-black paper flowers in a white vase.

    To make this craft, select photos of family members posed from a profile angle and enlarge them to fit inside your frames. Cut out each photograph to create a silhouette. Place it facedown on a piece of black cardstock and trace with a white pencil.

    Carefully cut out the silhouettes. Trim the cardstock so it is slightly smaller than the inside of each frame.

    Use a glue stick to adhere a silhouette, right side up and centered, to colored cardstock. Embellish the frames with decorative washi tape. Place each finished, mounted silhouette in a frame.

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    Bright Fall Wreath

    Short on time or crafting skills? Make a trendy Halloween wreath in a flash from canning jar rings and washi tape. Thread the jazzed-up rings on wire, twist the ends to retain a circular shape, and hang. Here's how.

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    Fall Mantel with Paper Butterflies

    Metallic butterflies and vintage book pages transform your mantel into a magical display of fresh fall flair. To make this craft, adhere book pages to a mirror using double-stick tape. Next, create a creeping vine and leaves for the insects using black art paper and florist's wire. Finally, spray-paint feather butterflies in your desired shade and tape to your creative mantel decor.

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    Metallic Ombre Pumpkins

    Give craft pumpkins a modern update with a fun ombre paint effect. For pumpkins like those in the foreground, carve out petite diamonds, then spray with black paint. Spray over the top of the black paint with silver- and gold-metallic paint, covering about one-half to two-thirds of each pumpkin. Let dry after each color application.

    Ombre Pumkpin Variation: Spray pumpkins with silver- and gold-metallic paint; let dry. Spray tops with white paint; let dry.

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    Botanical Silhouette Art

    Showcase your sophisticated style with black-and-white botanical prints. The trendy fall decoration features vintage book pages and printable frames, plus black binder clips to hold it all together.

    To make this craft, coat a canvas panel with a thin layer of decoupage medium and apply a printed book cover image to the front. Wrap the edges of the paper around the canvas panel and tape in place on the back. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes, then coat the front of the image with a thin layer of decoupage medium.

    While the panels are drying, print botanical silhouettes onto old book pages. Adhere the binder clips to the front of the book covers using glue dots. Put the book pages inside of the clips. To hang on your wall, use removable, damage-free adhesive strips.

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    Trick-or-Treat Throw Pillow

    Updating upholstery for Halloween is simple with a stenciled accent pillow. Adhere stencil letters to a white decorator pillow using stencil adhesive, and apply black fabric paint with a stencil brush. Spell a seasonal greeting with the letters, changing the font on one word to make it stand out.

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    Potion Glassware Arrangement

    Add some toil and trouble to your Halloween display by grouping antique perfume bottles on a bronze serving platter to look like magic potions. Stick to just one color of glassware or mix golds, silvers, and bronzes for monochromatic magic.

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    Perched Birds

    Although this spooky tree is painted on the wall, you can get a similar (and nonpermanent) look by sketching a tree onto rolled paper, cutting it out, and taping it to the wall. Prop two ladders against the image and wire a swarm of artificial ravens to the rungs and some branches. Guests will be ducking for cover.

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    Long-Lasting Pumpkin Display

    Whether you pick faux pumpkins (which you can save for years), or real pumpkins, this no-carve idea is a quick and long-lasting addition to your Halloween display.

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    Bug Decal Decorative Dishware

    Give thrifted plates and platters a new look for Halloween with chic printed bug decals. Arrange the monochrome dishware above your mantel with black candlesticks and fall potpourri.

    To make this craft, print bug designs onto decal paper and cut around the design. Place the decal paper in a shallow dish filled with water and let it sit for 2-3 minutes, until the edge starts to lift off of its backing.

    Slide the decal off of the backing and transfer it to the dish you're embellishing. Arrange it as desired, then use a wet paper towel to push out any air bubbles and smooth the decal. Once the decal is in place, blot any excess water. The decal will be fully cured in a couple of hours. Attach plate hangers to the back and hang.

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    Simple Fall Mantel with Leaf Garland

    Arrange faux-leaf garlands and plastic pumpkins around a rustic mounted centerpiece for an easy fall mantel. Add mercury-glass candlesticks on both ends for symmetry.

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    White Pumpkin Display with Sparkle

    Give plastic pumpkins an elegant makeover with a coat of creamy white paint and sparkling stripes. Place them on sleek black candleholders for an easy fall centerpiece.

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    Bird Cage Display

    Transform wire birdcages into an eerie fall display with fake blackbirds. Set the scene with dried moss, plastic gourds, twigs, and fake spiderwebs.

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    Earthy Accents

    Add long-lasting natural beauty to your mantel, counters, and tabletops with birch logs, faux foliage, and plastic gourds. Finish the fall display with a sparkle by filling mini Mason jars with tea lights.

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    Natural Wheat Wreath

    Add shine to a traditional harvest wreath with a touch of metallic paint. Divide purchased dried wheat into three groups. Lightly brush each group with a different color of paint (we chose gold, copper, and brass). Let dry, then tuck the stalks into a purchased wheat wreath, starting from the inside and working outward. Complete your creation by hot-gluing a handwritten welcome to the wreath.

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    Front Stairs Halloween Decoration

    While the phrase is inviting, the Halloween font on this fun front porch decoration gives off an eerie overture. Laminate the printed words before assembling to ensure the project lasts all season.

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    Aluminum Candleholders

    Flickering candlelight is perfect for sharing stories. We used sheets of decorative aluminum to cast shadows long into the blustery fall nights.

    To make this craft, cut the sheets into strips with tin snips. Use food containers, such as soup cans, to figure out your dimensions. A 10x17-inch piece makes a large lantern; a 4x10-inch strip makes a votive.

    Roll the strips into cylinders, using the food containers as molds. To secure, twist wire through the mesh at the top, middle, and bottom of the seams. Turn edges of wire to inside and trim excess. Spray surfaces with two coats of black primer; let dry between applications.

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    Simple Halloween Door Decor

    Ten minutes is all the time you need to make this mesmerizing wreath from a center ceiling medallion. Spray-paint the door decor with glossy orange spray paint, pair with a 4-inch-wide black satin ribbon, and hang.

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