11 Ways to Maximize Pumpkin

Can't get enough pumpkin? We're sharing 11 creative ways to get more pumpkin in your life.

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Which Halloween Character Are You?

On October 31, should you patiently wait for the Great Pumpkin, spook the house's new residents, or claim that you ain't scared of no ghosts? Take our quiz…if you dare.

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Outrageous Pumpkins You HAVE to See

These spooky pumpkins are sure to scare up laughs and fun! Get complete DIY carving instructions here.

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Hipster Pumpkin Stencils

Grab your cardigan, pause your cassette tape, and pick a pumpkin that perfectly encompasses your hipster vibe. If you're feeling nostalgic, share this with your friends.

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3-Layer Candy Corn Drink: Perfect for Halloween!

Pretty colors and fruity flavors stand out in this 3-layer drink that looks just like candy corn. Adorable!

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Lazy Girl's Halloween Cupcakes

When you'd prefer to prep for your Halloween party by styling your zombie makeup instead of piping cupcakes, look to GeorgetownCupcake.com for a dozen creepy sweets just in time for All Hallows Eve.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

Ah, the popcorn ball. Three steps, basic ingredients, and some literal hands-on fun are at the heart of these classic treats that go just as well at a party as at low-key streaming-movie night. Now pop to it!

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Popular in Halloween

Your Best Photos: A Haunted House

We love haunted houses at Halloween. Especially this one. Take a tour through our favorite -- and scariest -- reader-submitted location filled with spiders, witches, and other scary decorations.


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    • Trick or Treat

      Why we picked this: We love how the lights wrapped around the doorway are actually illuminated skeleton bones!

    • Happy Halloween

      Why we picked this: The skeleton bones in the window and eerie colors of this outdoor Halloween scene set the mood for what's inside. Discover how BHG.com reader georgie_lovey set up this creepy haunted house.

    • Ouija Board

      Why we picked this: No other game gives us the chills like the Ouija board. What a great idea to use the board as a decorating tool!

    • Mighty Monster

      Why we picked this: This angry creature sits comfortably on this windowsill. We like how cheesecloth is used to create the effect of hair.

    • The Wicked Witch

      Why we picked this: The yellow eyes on this green witch captured our attention. Her long nose, wrinkled face, and tattered hat really make this hag stand out from anything else we've seen. Make her quit looking at me!

    • Zultan

      Why we picked this: Zultan's eyes really glow! We think this fortune-teller will accurately tell guests their futures.

    • Ghostly Vase

      Why we picked this: We can't help but love this vase that resembles a ghost. The best part about it: You can use it to hold a candle or as a vase that holds creepy fake flowers.

    • Witch's Broom

      Why we picked this: We like the idea of mounting a witch's broom on a mantel or above a fireplace. And the ribbon wrapped around the broom adds style to the once plain sweeper.

    • Webbed Photos

      Why we picked this: You can't go wrong with spiderwebs. Family photos covered with a thick layer of spiderwebs create a dramatic effect.

    • 10 of 20

      Colorful Witch

      Why we picked this: We like her long, stringy red hair. And we really like the colors in her robe! Very different from the traditional black.

    • 11 of 20

      Itsy Bitsy Spider

      Why we picked this: We especially enjoy how this spider hangs onto the corner of this window of mirrors. The webs look as if the spider just spun them.

    • 12 of 20

      Spooky Window

      Why we picked this: The white ghost hangs perfectly in the shape of this window. We especially like how the ghost's face is darker (and spookier!) than its body.

    • 13 of 20


      Why we picked this: Aren't night-lights supposed to scare the monsters and ghosts away? Either way, this ghost light is too cute to be scary.

    • 14 of 20

      A Witch with Sparkle

      Why we picked this: Witches don't have to be somber. The purple, red, and gold on this witch's clothes make her sparkle among the spiders.

    • 15 of 20

      Leafy Garland

      Why we picked this: Who knew that leaves could be so pretty? We think adding fall foliage to a stair railing wrapped with pumpkin-pattern ribbon looks elegant.

    • 16 of 20

      Cloth Pumpkins

      Why we picked this: We love the different patterns and colors in this cloth pumpkin. What a great idea for a fun Halloween quilting project!

    • 17 of 20

      Creepy Crawler

      Why we picked this: This creepy oversize spider dominates the living room window. What a clever, easy way to dress up a window for Halloween.

    • 18 of 20

      Spooky Spiders

      Why we picked this: More spiders cling to the curtains in this haunted house. We're coming down with a case of arachnophobia!

    • 19 of 20

      Lovin' the Lamp

      Why we picked this: We love how this spider engulfs this lampshade. The spiders have taken over!

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      Halloween Door Decorations: Great Wreaths and Entry Accents

      Welcome trick-or-treaters and party guests this Halloween with front-door accents that cast just the right spell. Our ideas for wreaths, door decorations, and entryway accents are sure to give your porch spook-tastic flair for Halloween.
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