Adorable Black Cat Cupcakes

Turn ordinary chocolate cupcakes into something spooktacular with these easy decorated Black Cat Cupcakes.

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Which Halloween Character Are You?

On October 31, should you patiently wait for the Great Pumpkin, spook the house's new residents, or claim that you ain't scared of no ghosts? Take our quiz…if you dare.

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Awesome Emoji Pumpkin Stencils

We ::heart:: these ::thumbs up:: emoji stencil designs that can be carved right onto your Halloween pumpkins. ::Kissing face::

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3-Layer Candy Corn Drink: Perfect for Halloween!

Pretty colors and fruity flavors stand out in this 3-layer drink that looks just like candy corn. Adorable!

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Halloween Door Decor

Welcome trick-or-treaters and party guests this Halloween with front-door accents that cast just the right spell. Our ideas for wreaths, door decorations, and entryway accents are sure to give your porch spook-tastic flair for Halloween.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

Ah, the popcorn ball. Three steps, basic ingredients, and some literal hands-on fun are at the heart of these classic treats that go just as well at a party as at low-key streaming-movie night. Now pop to it!

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Popular in Halloween

Halloween How-To

Carve the perfect jack-o'-lantern with our tips and find inspiration with our creative Halloween decorating ideas.

How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

When choosing a pumpkin, look for solid, even colors like bright oranges, creamy whites, or dappled grays. Avoid pumpkins with surface rot and check for hidden soft spots. Don't forget to test the pumpkin's stem to make sure it's solidly attached.

Editor's Tip: If you're carving an intricate design, pick a pumpkin with a flat surface. Reserve particularly round pumpkins for simple designs, such as jack-o'-lantern faces.

Pumpkin Carving Tools You'll Need

Pumpkin carving is much easier (and more precise) with the right tools.

Poker: Use this small tool to outline patterns when carving a pumpkin. Tape a printed pattern onto a pumpkin and create small dots along the outline the pattern. Household straight pins work in a pinch, but a pumpkin poker tool is suggested.

Raker: Remove skin and smooth pumpkin flesh with a raker tool. This tool is also great for cleaning up carving areas or etching designs into the pumpkin flesh.

Shape Punchers: Make the perfect round eyes or fun facial features with metal tubes. While an apple corer will make gorgeous circles, a pumpkin carving kit can provide additional shapes.

Saws: Head to the Halloween store for a few skinny, serrated pumpkin carving knives which are perfect for tight designs. For adults, a small etching power tool will save time, energy, and stress for carving intricate designs.

Pumpkin Scooper: Many Halloween shops will have variations of the perfect pumpkin scoop tool, but this Monster Scoop uses serrated edges to scrap and clean pumpkins' insides, while a pointed tip can flatten a spot for a candle.

Buy the Making Faces pumpkin carving kit.

Buy the monster scoop.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Get free patterns from our Halloween how-to slideshows. For those who enjoy a traditional jack-o'-lantern funny or scary face, add eyebrows for extra expression. If you've got a furry friend at home, browse our collection of cat and dog pumpkin patterns. From classic to quirky, our collection of free downloadable pumpkin carving ideas is sure to suit your Halloween needs.

See all of our Halloween pumpkin stencils.

Get a customized pumpkin stencil.

Halloween Decorations How-To

Try these fun tips and tricks for how to decorate for Halloween. Use pumpkins to inspire your Halloween ideas, decorations, and designs.

  • Carve a full jack-o'-lantern head into your jack-o'-lantern for a fun play on Halloween's favorite activity.
  • For an eerie display, carve a haunting phrase like "BOO!" into a series of pumpkins.
  • Create a festive centerpiece by using a hollowed-out pumpkin as a flower vase.
  • Skip the carving and opt for paint or ribbon for a picture-perfect, nontraditional pumpkin display.
  • For long-lasting indoor pumpkin decorations, consider getting a synthetic carvable pumpkin, commonly called a Funkin.

Halloween Props How-to Tip: Give recycled wine bottles a haunting glow with new illuminated bottle toppers that will put fright in the night.

Buy a Funkin.

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