Creative Fall Centerpieces Featuring Natural Elements

Let nature inspire your next centerpiece. These fall arrangements include gourds, flowers, fall leaves, nuts, and more to create gorgeous, fresh-from-outside tabletops that will brighten your day.

Caitlin Berens

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Glass containers on a copper tray
Glass Containers Centerpiece

    Footed glass containers hold ribbons, beans, and nuts in this fall centerpiece. A copper tray adds sophistication to the display and makes the brown-hue decoration portable.

Rose Candleholders Fall Centerpiece

    Simple wood candleholders become centerpiece-worthy when dressed up with roses and greenery. Soak florist's foam until saturated and gently tape to the top of the candlestick. Insert roses in small groupings, then add hypericum to finish. Candles with a wood pattern play up the natural sophistication of the display.

    Editor's Tip: Let the display sit on a towel for a few minutes, as the florist's foam will drip at first.

Pail of Leaves Centerpiece

    All it takes is a vintage pail and some leaves from Mother Nature to make this fall-worthy centerpiece. Place magnolia leaves into a bucket, using florist's foam to keep the arrangement in place. The arrangement works best if you place tall leaves in the back and shorter leaves in the front.

    Editor's Tip: For extra color, tuck a few fresh (or dried) flowers into your pail.

Flowers Under Glass

    Flip your thinking -- this creative centerpiece turns wine and champagne glasses on their heads for a fancy, no-fuss eye-catcher. Trim full-bloom florals at their stem, then tuck them under glasses. A charger helps bump it up a notch.

    Editor's Tip: Fake flowers work just as well and last through the entire season.

Tray with Fall Fruits

    Dress up your dining table -- without hindering conversation -- by making a festive, low-profile centerpiece. Cut branches of hypericum berries and chartreuse spider chrysanthemums short enough to just peek over the tops of several glass vases; then arrange them down the center of a long tray. Fill out the rest of the tray with apples, pears, and bunches of elderberries to create an abundant display.

Bottled Flower Arrangement

    When arranged in multiple tiny vessels, two bouquets of store-bought flowers -- miniature orange roses and red and chartreuse chrysanthemums -- have big impact. Divvy up the blooms into mismatched bottles or glasses, accenting them with snips of crabapple berries and grasses. Set the vases on a tray and toss a handful of acorns and nutmeg to play up the season.

Wheat in Copper Ring Centerpiece

    A touch of copper turns garden-variety grasses into long-lasting, elegant bouquets. Here, a copper pipe coupler holds purple fountain grass, horsetail, and maiden grass in a freestanding display.

Purple Floral Display

    Break up the season's orange-and-red palette with a burst of cool purples. A purple-tinted vase sets the stage -- a trimmed bouquet of mums, leaves of flowering kale, ornamental 'Black Pearl' peppers, a purple artichoke, and a few trims of a begonia bring balance to the arrangement.

Thistle in Candleholders Centerpiece

    Prickly lavender-blue thistle lends texture to the smooth gray-green vases and candleholders. Mismatched containers work great -- no need to stick to a single shape or size.

Fall Florals and Leaves

    Ever considered pairing roses and fall leaves? The combination is divine and adds instant lift to any display. A white vase keeps the focus on nature and a white pedestal offers a cozy spot to gather seasonal gourds.

Natural Wood Round

    Use a tree round (available at garden centers or crafts stores) as the podium for your fall centerpiece. A simple pumpkin and wine bottle provide great height.

Wheat in Doorknob Display

    Junk-drawer finds, such as old copper doorknobs, become unexpected centerpieces. Tuck in some seasonal grasses. We used sea oats (Chasmanthium) for our display and voila! -- a fall masterpiece in minutes.

Centerpiece of Cornhusks and Fruit

    A ring of dried cornhusks hugs a bountiful dish of fruit in this harvestesque centerpiece. To make, wrap husks around a straw wreath, overlapping and hot-gluing as needed. Nestle a bowl in the center and fill with fake or real fruit -- just be sure to let the guests know if the fruit is just for show, as they'll be eyeing this fall creation.

Pears, Nuts, and Leaves Basket

    For a centerpiece that's quick to make and easy on your pocketbook, bring nuts and pears into the mix. A simple black basket keeps the focus on the inner contents, and some fallen leaves add a splash of fall color to the arrangement.

Milk Jugs with Fall Elements

    A stroll through nature brings the beauty of autumn home -- especially when you gather a few reminders to enjoy in vintage milk jugs or other ceramic containers. Anything goes in this display -- cattails, moss-covered stems, and fall berries feel natural together.

Pedestal Pumpkin with Gourds

    Displaying your fall decor on a lazy Susan ensures that your centerpiece will be admired from all angles. The pedestal's hint of chipped white paint gives it a vintage feel, while the candle provides the perfect glow for the pumpkins and gourds alongside it.

    Editor's Tip: Show off your carving skills by mixing some miniature jack-o'-lanterns into the centerpiece.

Flowers and Apples Bouquet

    Flower arrangements make great go-to centerpieces, especially when you add crabapples, sunflowers, and other seasonal flowers. A raised white dish holds the arrangement in place with the help of florist's foam.

Centerpiece of Gourds and Red Sunflowers

    A pumpkin and gourds complement an urn filled with an autumnal arrangement of red sunflowers and leaves. The muted colors of the pumpkin and gourds allow the bold sunflowers to steal the show in this fall centerpiece.

Leaf and Flower Bundle

    Small rose bouquets rest beside a linen satchel supporting a branch of fall-color leaves. Before placing it in the linen bag, secure the branch in a planter with florist's foam to help it stay upright. If it's top-heavy, weigh it down with stones or use a smaller branch.

Fall Gourd Vase

    A hollowed-out gourd makes an excellent vase and fresh fall centerpiece. Pumpkins of varying sizes and colors, as well as beautiful red flowers, give this centerpiece a fun, fall feel that will be perfect for your table all season long.

    Editor's Tip: For even more autumn influence, incorporate a branch of turned leaves. Simply place it on the table, prop it against a pumpkin, or slip it into the flower arrangement in the gourd.

Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece

    In this seasonal centerpiece, autumnal flowers give pumpkins a floral makeover. To make, cut flowers (such as mums) at the top of their stem, just below the flower head. Hot-glue each blossom to an uncut pumpkin. A pedestal, gourds, and fall leaves complete the centerpiece.

Leaf Vase with Pumpkins

    A fresh fall spin on the typical bouquet, branches of colorful fall leaves rest in a simple cylindrical vase. Miniature pumpkins at the bottom of the vase weigh down the container and add festive flair to the centerpiece.

Fall Pumpkins Cornucopia

    Pumpkins, apples, and pears fill this festive cornucopia. Spray-paint the miniature pumpkins to match your decor, and welcome guests into your home with this symbol of abundance.

Candles with Fallen Leaves

    Placing fallen leaves on candles is a simple way to decorate for fall. Use candles of different heights and statures to add variety to the decoration, and place them in a shallow dish with pebbles to transform them into a portable and beautiful centerpiece. Use coats of decoupage medium to secure leaves onto candles.

Acorn Basket Centerpiece

    An old cutting board holds a basket covered in acorns in this quaint fall centerpiece. Berries, leaves, flowers, and fresh pears give the basket a tasty, eye-catching appearance.

    Editor's Tip: For a touch of elegance, tie a gold or other bold-color ribbon onto the handle of the basket.

Centerpiece of Pumpkins and Wheat

    Pumpkins varied in size, color, and finish rest in a pile of leaves in this fabulous fall centerpiece. Brown wire accentuates the shape of some pumpkins, and stacking adds depth to the decoration. A tall rectangular vase holds a bundle of wheat, the perfect backdrop to complete this fall display.

Fall Leaves in Beakers

    It's all about the leaves in this display. Stroll the neighborhood for the prettiest fallen leaves, then group them in beakers or tiny clear vases. A stack of plates adds height without distracting. Getting dry after a week? Simply sub in a new fall find.

Hollowed-Out Pumpkin Display

    A creatively cut pumpkin basket makes an imaginative centerpiece for a fall table. Cut out the two top quarters of the pumpkin, leaving the stem and a narrow strip as the basket handle. Zigzag the bottom edges, and hollow out the base. Place a block of wet florist's foam inside. Position two glass votive holders in the foam and surround with a bevy of fall blooms and leaves.


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