Wickedly Fun Witch Decorations for Halloween

Cast a spell on your home this Halloween with these bewitchingly good ideas for decorating your home with witches.

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Outdoor Witch Decor

    Create a life-size outdoor witch statue stirring a concoction in her cauldron that is sure to creep the neighbors out.

Wicked Witch Yard Decoration

    This wicked witch has taken a spill. Create a fallen witch for your yard or garden with our pumpkin-carving stencil and step-by-step instructions.

Witch Lamp Silhouette

    If you're afraid of the dark, turning on this lamp might make matters worse. These bat and witch silhouettes will cast eerie shadows around the room when the lamp is aglow. To craft this creepy decoration, download our free patterns, trace onto black cardstock, and cut out. Adhere to the inside of a paper lampshade with double-stick tape.

    Editor's Note: Use a low-watt bulb (60 watts) in the lamp so the paper silhouettes do not get hot. Additionally, do not leave the lamp on for long periods of time with the silhouettes taped inside.

Wicked Witch Candy Containers

    Witches can be sweet, especially when they are crafted as candy containers. Make the black cat candy container to sit alongside the green-face witch.

Witch Locale

    With a street name like this, you know exactly who takes up residence here. Place this sign on your front porch this Halloween as a seasonal change of address.

Wicked Witch Broom Parking

    Create a witches-only parking area with a sign crafted from iron-on transfer paper on painted, stretched artist's canvas. Whip up your own brooms by wrapping twigs and grass around wooden dowels. Mark the "parking lot" with a pair of witch-ly shoes and a few old toads.

Melting Witch Pumpkin Decoration

    Created from a warty pumpkin and a gourd nose, this witch "collapses" into a large flowerpot draped with black fabric. Her hat, shoes, and broom are all theatrical-shop finds.

Spellbinding Soup

    Making this cauldron bubble takes very little toil and trouble. This witch's brew starts with spray-foam insulation left to dry and painted green. Kids will have fun embellishing it with rubber toads, lizards, and other critters.

Witch in Storage

    Add a little humor to your front porch with a witch who's packed up and ready for a vacation from scaring little kids. Get the stuffed-in-storage look with a pair of stuffed boots peeking from one suitcase and two outlandish green gloves dangling from a second travel bag stacked on top.

Kooky Cauldron Sundae

    What's to be found in this troubling, bubbling cauldron? Worry not: Lime sherbet and gummy worms brew from this sinfully good chocolate shell.The effect is a little bit batty and all-out yummy.

Witch Hat Treat Holder

    A witch might confuse her own hat with these cone-shape treat holders. Fill them up with popcorn or party mix at your next Halloween gathering.


    Sweep your party guests away with these witch's broomstick skewers. Cut 4-inch lengths of natural straw (found at crafts stores) and gather a small bundle around the end of a 10-inch bamboo skewer. Wrap a piece of string around the straw several times and tie it off. Thread the skewers with dried fruits, candies, or small cookies.

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