Sweet & Sinister Halloween Vase

Create a sweetly sinister Halloween vase by adhering black licorice twists to the outside of a potato chip can.

What You'll Need

Gothic Arrangement

How to Make It

  1. Cut an empty, clean potato chip can 1/4-inch shorter than the licorice twists with the crafts knife. Tip: To cut a straight line around the can, wrap a rubber band just below where you want to cut.
  2. Hot-glue licorice twists vertically around the can. Glue the twists close together to completely cover the can.
  3. Hot-glue a band of wide ribbon around the center of the can.
  4. Cut a piece of florist's foam to fit inside the can.
  5. Place the cut florist's foam inside the can and arrange the silk flowers by inserting them into the foam.

Tip: For a larger floral arrangement, use an oatmeal container. Or arrange real flowers in a slim water-filled vase and place inside the decorated can.