Make a Black Widow Spider Coaster

Learn how to make a spooky Black Widow Spider coaster from simple crafts store materials.

What You'll Need

  • Spider pattern
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Black crafts foam
  • Red crafts foam
  • Crafts-foam glue
  • Crafts knife
  • 3/16-inch wiggle eyes
  • 1/4-inch-diameter black beads
  • 3/8-inch-diameter black beads
  • Straight-edge ruler
  • 22-gauge wire

How to Make It

spider coaster

  1. Print the spider pattern and cut it out.
  2. Using a pencil, trace the outline of two spiders onto black crafts foam and one onto red crafts foam. Cut out the shapes.
  3. Using a sharp pencil, punch holes through the red spider at the dots indicated on the pattern.
  4. With a crafts knife and a straight edge, cut out the hourglass shape on one black spider.
  5. Cut four 16-inch lengths of 22-gauge wire.
  6. Thread one wire evenly through a pair of holes on the red spider, starting and stopping the wire on the same side of the spider. Repeat for all wires.

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