Halloween Wraps

"Candy wrapper" takes on a new meaning with these party favors.

Wrap candies in a pair of tulle circles and tie up tight for special treat bundles to give your guests for Halloween or for other special get-togethers.

What You Need:

  • Tulle fabric in desired colors (available at fabric or crafts stores)
  • Halloween candy
  • Assorted ribbon or pipe cleaners
  • Round pencil or 1/4-inch dowel


1. Cut tulle. Cut several 8-inch circles out of tulle. Using two circles, lay one atop the other. Place a handful of candy in the center of the fabric.

2. Wrap candy. Gather up the fabric over the candy and tie with a ribbon bow or twist with a pipe cleaner to secure.

3. Decorate bundle. To make spiral ends on the pipe cleaner, wind the ends around a pencil or dowel. For those special little trick-or-treaters, add a plastic spider ring or wiggle eyes to the pipe cleaner tie. For older partiers, fill the bags with mints and nuts.