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Popular in Halloween

Treat Bucket

Treat your tricksters with this painted candy bucket.

What You Need:

The wooden handle and rim are enhanced with a simple repeated candy corn pattern.
  • Medium bentwood bucket with handle
  • Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint: Autumn Brown (AB) #2055, Black (BK) #2506, Burnt Umber (BU) #2025, Dark Goldenrod (DG) #2519, Dark Jungle Green (DJ) #2420, Georgia Clay (GC) #2097, Light Foliage Green (LF) #2537, Light Ivory (LI) #2401, Opaque Yellow (OY) #2509, Seminole Green (SG) #2009, and Terra Cotta (TC) #2071
  • Delta Perfect Highlights Yellow #2641
  • Paintbrushes: #2, #8, and #12 flat; #2 round; #1 liner; 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch angular shader; and scruffy flat
  • Minwax Early American #230 oil-base wood stain/sealer
  • Medium- and fine-grit sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Tracing paper
  • Dark and light transfer paper
  • Matte-finish spray sealer


1. Download the free pattern for this project (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat).

Pumpkin pattern

Adobe Acrobat

2. Sand all surfaces of the bucket with medium- and then fine-grit sandpaper. Remove the sanding dust with a tack cloth. Apply a coat of the stain/sealer to all surfaces, following the manufacturer's instructions. Let the stain/sealer dry for several hours. Sand again with fine-grit sandpaper; wipe away the sanding dust with a tack cloth.

3. Base-coat with flat brushes and float shading with angular shaders, using the sizes that best fit the area. Paint lettering with the round brush, apply details with the liner, and dry-brush highlights with the scruffy flat brush.

4. Base-coat the lower section and the bottom of the bucket BK. Let the paint dry.

5. Trace the jack-o'-lantern from the pattern sheet onto tracing paper. Position the pattern on the bucket and transfer the pumpkin outlines, stems, and leaves with light transfer paper.

6. Base-coat the pumpkins DG. Let the paint dry. Reposition the pumpkin pattern and transfer the pumpkin section lines. Float TC shading along each section line and along the lower edge of each pumpkin. To darken some areas, float GC over TC shading.

7. Transfer the pumpkin facial feature outlines. Base-coat the eyes, noses, and mouths OY; apply several smooth coats for complete coverage. Apply two or more coats of Highlights Yellow over the OY.

8. Use TC to outline features. Refer to the pumpkin pattern and add depth to the features by painting first freehand lines inside the features with TC. Mix DG and OY 1:1; paint between the sets of lines with the mixture.

9. Base-coat the stems AB. Float BU shading on the underside and base of each stem. Mix AB and LI 1:2; dry-brush the mixture on the stems to highlight.

10. Base-coat the leaves SG. Float DJ shading on the lower half of each leaf. Float LF on the upper half of each leaf. Use LF to paint fine vein lines on the leaves. To accentuate some of the vein lines, float DJ shading on either side of the vein.

11. Using light transfer paper, transfer the lettering and candy corn to the band and handle, repeating the patterns to complete the design.

12. Paint the lettering on the band BK. Let the paint dry. Use TC to paint the lettering again, creating a shadow.

13. Paint each candy corn with a smooth coat of LI. Float BU shading around the outer edges of each candy corn. Lightly draw the section lines on the candy corn with a pencil. Base-coat the wide section of each corn OY and the center section TC. Recoat the small pointed sections LI. On the lower side of each candy corn, float GC shading on the TC, and DG shading on the OY. Dry-brush LI highlights on the upper side of each candy corn. Let the paint dry.

14. Apply several coats of varnish to all surfaces of the bucket, allowing ample drying time for each coat.


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