Creepy-Crawly Spider Crafts for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, let your eight-leg friends help you celebrate the tricks and treats of the holiday season.

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Black and White Yarn Balls
Spooky Spider Adornments

    This classic black-and-white Halloween decor is accented with some creepy-crawly critters. Cover 4- and 6-inch plastic foam balls with pieces of embossed ivory velvet and ivory burlap, alternating the two fabrics. Embellish the faux gourds by pinning on ribbon or paper trims. For the stems, cut 2-inch lengths of raw cording; slightly unravel one end. Pin the stems to the ball tops, and tie a ribbon into a bow at the base of each stem. Pin spider trims onto the balls to finish the decoration.

Creepy Coasters

    With spiders dangling from the corners, these coasters dress up a Halloween table in style.

Spiderweb Lampshade

    Cast an eerie shadow over the room with this easy-to-make spiderweb lampshade.

Spiderweb Cocktail Coasters

    Serve up drinks at your next Halloween gala with these spiderweb coasters. They are backed with cork for sturdiness.

Webbed Chandelier

    Recycle an old umbrella as a haunting light fixture. Remove the fabric covering; stretch synthetic spiderweb over the ribs. Decorate with plastic spiders and battery-operated lanterns attached to the ribs with bent wire or S hooks. Tie rope around the handle, and hang from the ceiling with a plant hook or cup hook.

No-Sew Spiderweb Table Runner

    Pair your spiderweb coasters with this easy, almost no-sew table runner for the ultimate spider-theme party.

Spider Swag

    Like the best Halloween decorations, this garland charms and thrills at the same time. Rubber spiders and bone-shape dog biscuits, spray-painted white, rub shoulders with acorns and dried citrus fruits. Drill holes through all the pieces using a very thin drill bit, and string the assortment on 22-gauge wire.

Spider Tote

    Everyone else will be crawling with envy after seeing this spider treat bag. To create this project, cut an oval spider body from black felt and stitch it to the front of the bag.

Easy Halloween Window Webs

    Lengths of black ribbon and yarn and a little strategic weaving (if a spider can do it, surely you can, too!) are all it takes to add shadowy webs to your front windows. Dangle a couple of crawling critters from the roofline to complete the creepy picture.

Garden Crawlers

    Look again -- these creepy, crawling spiders are actually pumpkins in disguise. Spin them together with black glitter paint, chenille stems, and googly eyes.

Friendly Spider Bag

    This is one spider who's not out to scare. Its smiling face adorns a cute felt bag, perfect for trick-or-treating.


    Even though they're painted on, these leggy spiders can still raise goose bumps.

Simple Spider Decorations

    These magnificently monstrous spiders are easily crafted from foam balls, black spray paint, and chenille stems.

Spider-Perch Pumpkin Topiary

    Use wooden dowels -- in Halloween colors, of course -- to securely stack pumpkins into formation: a perfect perch for a lurking spider. Opt for artificial pumpkins if you plan to reuse your towering masterpieces next year.

Furry, Fuzzy Spiders

    Make your outdoor decor a little more frightening with these easy-to-make furry spiders.

Spider Boxes

    Use these printed spider boxes as fun dice shakers or to store small game pieces. To give them as a gift, tuck a piece or two of Halloween candy inside.

Sugary Spider Cookies

    To make webs on chocolate sugar cookies, top with a base coat of frosting. Then pipe on concentric circles with dark icing and drag a toothpick through the circles to create the spokes.

More Halloween Crafts

    Get some frightfully good ideas for creating Halloween crafts with a ghostly theme.

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