Fun July 4th Dessert: Berry Flag Tart

The star of your patriotic menu will be this flag-shape dessert featuring bright red raspberries, tart blueberries, and dough cut in stripes and star shapes. Despite the masterpiece finish, it's actually quite simple to make.

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Easy 4th of July Decorations

Decorate your home in the spirit of Independence Day with our red, white, and blue 4th of July decorations. From flags to fireworks, these easy decorations cover every July 4th theme you can think of -- and they're cute to boot.

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Our Favorite July 4th Recipes

Take the guesswork out of creating a delicious spread of 4th of July food. Our July 4th entrees (hot dogs! ribs!), drinks (punch! sangria!), side dishes (fruit and pasta salads!), and desserts (mmm, pie) make organizing a patriotic potluck a breeze.

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Festive July 4th Desserts

Celebrate Independence Day with these festive 4th of July desserts! With star-shape scones and piecrusts, tempting tarts, colorful shakes, and fresh berries, these recipes for 4th of July desserts are sure to stand out at your patriotic celebration.

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Easy 4th of July Party Ideas

Gather your friends and use these patriotic decorating, entertaining, and recipe ideas for this year's 4th of July celebration. From festive star banners and refreshing watermelon coolers to raveworthy party favors and more, your 4th of July party is bound to be summer's biggest shindig.

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4th of July Cake Recipes

Headed to a 4th of July potluck? Cakes are a dreamy way to end the day (well, that and fireworks), and our collection of berry-topped cakes, lush chocolate cakes, swirled sprinkle cakes, and layered red velvet cakes are worth their own oohs and aahs.

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Coconut Cream Island Punch

Make our DIY party cocktail -- that includes just a few tasty ingredients -- for an adults-only drink everyone can agree on. Cut-up star fruit provides a gorgeous base inside your drink pitcher.

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Easy Fall and Halloween Flower Arrangements

These pretty and festive fall flower arrangements are a great addition to your Halloween decoration. Mix fall flowers with pumpkins and gourds as creative centerpieces and vases.


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    • Daisy Halloween Vase

      To create this betwitching display, spray-paint the pumpkins a matte black finish. When the pumpkins are dry, use a paring knife to scrape away the painted surface in vertical or horizontal lines. Fill with orange gerber daisys for a true Halloween masterpiece.

    • Chrysanthemums on a Pumpkin

      A fall favorite, chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. For a funky seasonal decoration, attach a variety of orange-hued flowers to your pumpkins. Use different sizes of pumpkins to add dimension.

      Editor's Flower Tip: Chrysanthemums do best in soil that is moist and well-drained. They also fare better in full sun.

    • Dahlias, Roses, and Bittersweet in Gourd Vases

      Gourds are a wonderfully versatile Halloween decoration. Select gourds that can stand on their own. Hollow out a gourd and place a vase inside; fill with a variety of gorgeous fall flowers such as dahlias, roses, and bittersweet.

    • Millet in a Candy Corn Door Decoration

      This cute display is one that can be used year after year. After creating your candy-corn door decoration, fill it with dried natural flowers, such as millet, grasses, berries, and dried Japanese lanterns. Artificial birds on black spray-painted twigs give the arrangement an eerie look.

    • Chrysanthemums in a Gourd Vase

      Chrysanthemums are the ultimate fall flower. Hollow out a two-toned gourd, fit a vase inside, and add a few chrysanthemum stems.

    • Roses, Stock, Tulips, and Protea Bouquet

      Hearty and colorful, this arrangement is a great fall decoration. Fill a footed vase with bold varieties of roses, stock, tulips, and protea. This works great as a centerpiece display.

    • Decorative Dahlia Fall Centerpiece

      Decorative dahlias have full and hearty blooms. For a Halloween flower arrangement, choose a robust and richly colored variety, which will look great next to pumpkins and other Halloween accents.

    • Lilies, Chrysanthemums, and Pokeweed Berries Pumpkin Vase

      Festive and fresh, this arrangement is the perfect fall display. Hollow out a pumpkin and place an appropriately sized vase inside. Fill with lilies, chrysanthemums, and pokeweed berries. Surround with leaves from your yard and fall fruits to add a seasonal touch.

    • Cattails and Orange Star in Pumpkins

      White- and neutral-tone pumpkins are great complements to vibrant varieties of fall flowers. Hollow out the inside and place an appropriately sized vase inside. Fill with cattails and orange star. Fill in with faux leaf garland (from your local crafts store).

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      Dyed Sunflowers Centerpiece

      Displaying colorfully altered sunflowers is a simple and sweet way to add life to your fall decor. To dye sunflowers, cut them and place in a glass vase with a few inches of water. Add food-dye to the water, along with plant food, and let sit. Within a few days, the petals will be vibrant shades of whatever color you chose!

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      Roses and Black Feathers Bouquet

      Simple and elegant, this creepy-crawly display can be made with a bouquet of roses, faux black feathers (found at your local crafts store), and mock spiders. Place your vase on a plate and sprinkle with the eight-legged creatures to make sure they're haunting your display.

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      Chrysanthemums & Pumpkins Display

      Spruce up your Halloween decor with a variety of chrysanthemums surrounding a pumpkin. This arrangement looks great on a side table. If you like, tuck the flowers into a plain wreath form for structure.

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      Millet and Seed Heads in Jar

      This earthy arrangement is made up of millet, purple coneflower seed heads, and love-in-a-mist seed heads. It has a lot of texture so a simple vase does the trick.

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      Chrysanthemums and Pumpkins

      Bring the freshness of fall inside with this bountiful display. Pick a variety of colors of pumpkins and off-set them with leaves, twigs, and a vibrant bouquet of chrysanthemums.

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      Petunia, Nemesia, and Calibrachoa in a Pumpkin Container

      A spry combination of fall flowers makes a great addition to your Halloween decor. Buy an oversize orange pot and paint a jack-o'-lantern face with black paint. Fill with a variety of petunias, nemesia, and calibrachoa.

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      Silk Flowers Fall Arrangment

      This beautiful fall arrangement has lasting power. Head to your local crafts store and pick out an autumnal array. Fill a neutral-tone container for a display that will last far beyond the Halloween season.

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      Chrysanthemums and Decorative Pumpkins

      Miniature pumpkins make for fun and easy Halloween flower displays. Paint them in an assortment of funky colors and add cute kitty faces. Tuck them among chrysanthemum combos for a finished display.

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      Salvia and Black-Eyed Susan

      Black-eyed Susans are great flowers to have around during the fall season. Plant them in an oversize, fall-color pot with salvia for a full and festive display.

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      Make your home fall-ready with looks featuring pumpkins and gourds.

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