Halloween Bat Pinwheels

Get into the friendly Halloween spirit with these cute kiddie vampire pinwheels made from construction paper and pencils.

What You'll Need

Halloween Bat Pinwheels


How to Make It

Pinwheel Supplies Figure 1

  1. Download the free pattern. If necessary, trim construction paper so that it will fit into your printer (printer trays are typically 8-1/2 inches wide). Print the template onto desired colors, using two colors per pinwheel. Or, you can print out the templates on regular printer paper, cut it out and trace it onto construction paper (we recommend tracing onto construction paper if you choose to use black paper -- the black ink from the printer won't show up well on black paper.)
  2. Cut out along the solid lines with scissors. Place the cut pieces on top of each other to form a square (see figure 1) and glue together at the center circle with the glue stick.
  3. Poke a hole at each marked circle using a flat thumbtack. Feed each pocked corner onto a flat thumbtack, through the center hole, and into the pencil eraser.
  4. Cut out the circle from one of the printed templates. Add googly eyes and triangle teeth cut from the white cardstock. Attach the face to the thumbtack at the center using an adhesive pop dot.