Fuzzy Friendly Halloween Spider

For a sweet spider that garners smiles, not shrieks, make this cordial 8-leg creature a part of your Halloween decor.

What You'll Need
  • 4-inch plastic foam ball (for each spider)
  • Black yarn
  • 16 flat crafts sticks (for each spider)
  • Black paint
  • Foam brush
  • Crafts glue
  • 24 black chenille stems (for each spider)
  • White, black, and purple felt scraps
  • Scissors
How to Make It
  1. Wind black yarn around the plastic foam ball, alternating directions until fully covered.
  2. Paint the flat crafts sticks black; let dry completely.
  3. Glue sticks into eight wide-V shapes and allow to dry completely.
  4. Once dry, wind three black chenille stems around each leg, leaving 1-1/2 inches on one end of each leg uncovered.
  5. Press the uncovered ends of the legs into the sides of the yarn-covered ball. (Be sure to insert the legs in beyond the yarn and into the foam ball.) Place four legs on each side of the ball.
  6. Cut out facial features from felt and glue to the front of the ball for the spider's face.

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