Free Halloween Printables and Projects

We've gathered some of the best free Halloween ideas on our site -- from pumpkin stencils to Halloween games to decorations that will help you celebrate the holiday in "spooktacular" style.

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Birdcage Pumpkin
Birdcage Pumpkin Design

    A dramatic white pumpkin lends a lovely backdrop for a birdcage design. Cut the pattern from vinyl and attach it for a no-carve way to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Banner on Mantel

    Dress up a mantel with our cool printable pennant-style banner for a memorable Halloween soiree. Simply print, trim, and add to a length of ribbon long enough to drape across your display spot.

Lantern Silhouettes

    Light up the night with a few Halloween symbols. Embellish plain glass lanterns with our silhouettes -- simply print and trace onto the back side of shelf liner or vinyl. Cut out and adhere.

Scraped and Carved Pumpkin Messages

    Set out a few "welcoming" messages to greet trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Using our free stencils, below, trace the letters onto pumpkins. Scrape as shown and display in a driveway or on your front porch.

Jack-o'-Lantern Wine Label

    A hostess will be grinning from ear-to-ear if you present her with this clever wine label jazzed up for the Halloween holiday.

Halloween Matching Game

    A basic matching game is extra-fun with a Halloween spin. Simply print out the illustrations you want (you'll need two of each pattern), attach to 8x8-inch double-side patterned paper, and laminate to ensure the fun lasts for a few Halloweens.

Tree Silhouette Pattern

    Make haunting a family affair with a bare-bones tree displaying family silhouettes or other pictures.

Paper-Pieced Centerpiece

    Transform a glass vase from flower container to "spooktacular" Halloween display. Add in flavored popcorn and these too-cute paper piecings for a memorable centerpiece.

Framed Ghosts

    Set up a ghostly gallery with a trio of spirits you've printed. Sandwich the patterns between sheets of glass and use black fabric tape to seal the edges.

Candy Corn Display

    Tag, you're it! Label the night's sweets with our free tags. We've got all the major Halloween foods covered, plus blank tags for you to customize. Just print onto white paper, trim, and add to a glass vase by attaching to a piece of ribbon.

Monster Party Decoration

    Add shrieks to your party displays with a printable monster. Simply download our free template, cut from pretty scrapbook papers, and tape to the inside of a glass-paned door.

In the Bag

    It's a toss-up as to what's more fun: Picking the fabrics to make into beanbags (simply sew together 3x4-inch pieces and stuff with beans) or creating this cute jack-o'-lantern face on an orange tray. Bonus: You can use the tray again to serve Halloween sweets.

    To play: Set the tray on top of a stool and have kids try to toss the bags on top.

Black Cat and Bat Painted Pumpkins

    No carving means no mess. Add cardstock features to your painted-black pumpkins for a "purr-fect" way to celebrate the season. We've got the patterns you need to make a 3-D cat and bat this Halloween.

Poster Board Bat Sconce

    Take flight with a batty sconce that's elevated from the rest of your decor. Trim this flying fellow and add him to a shelf bracket fitted with a spooky black candle.

Halloween Treat Tins

    Party favors never had it so good. Dress up basic tins (we like metal watchmaker tins or wedding party favor tins with clear lids from crafts stores) with a coat of black spray paint (remove the plastic from the lids first). When dry, reinsert the plastic, download our free Halloween art, then secure inside the lids with clear adhesive.

Monster Coloring Pages

    Keep little paws occupied with coloring sheets featuring some furry friends. Download our free coloring pages, make enough copies to share, and spread out the markers and crayons for an afternoon of fun.

Papier-Mache Jack-o'-Lanterns

    When it comes to jack-o'-lanterns sometimes long-lasting (and less messy) is best. These grinning fools are made from tissue paper and balloon bases. Get the patterns to add the leaf accents and facial features.

Halloween Candy Bars

    Turn basic bars into Halloween treats. Wrap your favorite chocolate candy with orange paper, black crepe paper, and -- as the crowning touch -- one of our downloadable designs to give it character.

Skeleton Fridge Magnet

    No bones about it -- this friendly skeleton makes a spine-tingling addition to your fridge. Download our free skeleton pattern and print onto white paper. Trim and glue the bones onto black cardstock as shown. Self-adhesive magnet strips ensure he stays put.

Halloween Cupcake Picks

    Cupcakes are cute, but go from ooh to boo with these downloadable cupcake picks and wrappers. Print the picture and attach to a dowel or toothpick to insert into your cupcake creation.

Cat and Mouse Pumpkin Stencils

    Set up a spooky scene with a black cat and a trio of scurrying mice. Download our free templates, then trace the designs onto large and small pumpkins. Black paint or a black paint pen make quick work of the decoration.

Large-Size Playing Cards

    Stack the deck in your favor with oversize playing cards backed with our free printable Alice in Wonderland-theme designs. Purchase novelty-size cards (ours are from, add spray adhesive, and let the games begin!

Halloween Plate Silhouettes

    Scare up this spooky plate display in minutes with our free patterns. Print the crow, branch, cat, and skeleton key designs onto paper, then cut out. Trace onto the back side of self-adhesive vinyl or shelf liner. Trim and adhere the silhouettes to white plates or a tray.

    Editor's Tip: Our downloads are the mirror version of what you see pictured. Print and trace them onto the back side of the vinyl as directed. When adhered they'll face the correct way.

Halloween-Theme Bottle Wrap

    Orange soda never looked so good. Print our jack-o'-lantern label design and cover the existing logo to spice it up. A hot-glued ribbon gives a finishing touch.

Drink Labels for Party Favors

    The next drink's on you -- give away small libations as party favors at your next Halloween party. Adding our "Drink Me" tags gives it a special, memorable touch.

Black-and-White Halloween Poster

    Add Halloween flair to ho-hum walls with this quirky poster featuring a mardi gras theme. Download our poster, enlarge to the desired size, and print. A copy center can ensure you get it as large as you need.


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