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Halloween Crafts Under $3

Pull together a spook-tacular Halloween display that's easy on your wallet in no time with our Halloween crafts that all ring in under $3. Including paper printables, Halloween wreaths, and outdoor decorations, our cheap Halloween crafts are perfect for the eeriest season of the year.


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    • Skeleton Fridge Magnet

      Add fun Halloween flair to your kitchen with our easy skeleton magnet. To make, simply download our free skeleton pattern onto white paper; cut out. Glue the bones onto black cardstock and trim as shown. Self-adhesive magnet strips finish the Halloween craft.

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    • Monster Party Decoration

      Our too-cute friendly monster adds shrieks and eeks to your Halloween decorations. To make, simply download the free pattern, cut out from pretty paper, and tape to the inside of a glass-paned door.

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    • Ghostly Book Pop-Ups

      A stack of old books, a roll of tape, and a pair of scissors are all you'll need to make this spooky Halloween centerpiece. Simply cut two basic ghost shapes from pages in the middle of a book, leaving the bottoms attached. Hold the ghosts up with a touch of tape, and use a marker to make eyes for each ghost. 

      Halloween Crafts Tip: Find basic ghost shapes easily by searching for free clip art online and using as a pattern.

    • Feathered Halloween Wreath

      A feathered orange boa and faux crow draw attention to this clever Halloween wreath that takes just minutes to make.

    • Halloween Paper Pumpkins

      Carving pumpkins is always a great Halloween activity, but for a craft that will last all season, try our colorful paper pumpkins instead. Cut 1-inch strips of construction paper, form the strips into a circle as shown, and attach using a brad at both the top and the bottom. Embellish as desired, and you're done!

    • Sophisticated Swarm Wreath

      A hoard of creepy, crawly bugs are sure to spook any trick-or-treaters at your front door. To make, simply hot-glue plastic insects to the front and sides of a 12-inch wreath form. Tie with a ribbon to hang.

    • Spider Luminarias

      For a DIY Halloween craft the kids will love, try our simple, spider-decked luminarias. Decorate white paper lunch bags with hand-drawn spiders, phrases, or borders. Fill the bottoms of the bags with rocks from your yard, and place them on stairs or along a walkway. Add a votive candle to each bag -- be sure to place it in between the rocks for stability.

      Halloween Crafts Tip: For just a few extra dollars, use battery-operated votive candles in the place of the real thing for safety.

    • Paper Bat Sconce

      Add a batty friend to your Halloween decor for a glimpse into your nocturnal ways. A poster board bat makes the perfect addition to your spooky decorations.

    • Halloween Banner on Mantel

      Halloween doesn't have to be all spooky-scary! Our adorable (and kid-friendly!) pennant-style paper is a great option for Halloween decorating. Simply download the patterns, print, trim, and add to a length of ribbon.

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      Witch at the Window Silhouette

      Give the impression of a sinister gathering in your home with a witch silhouette in your front window. To make, simply download our free pattern, enlarge to desired size, and trace onto heavy black crafts paper; cut out. Adhere to window using double-stick tape.

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      Webbed Window Covering

      A skittering spider and web transform your front door into a haunting Halloween decoration. Start with three long strips of black crafts tape, creating an off-center X shape with two and cutting across the middle of the X with the third (your window should be divided into six sections). Starting at the center, add shorter tape strips to create the web shape.

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      Spiderweb Candles

      Basic dollar store candles and a pencil are all you need to create this Halloween craft. Simply use the pencil to draw a spiderweb design into each pillar candle. Once you've completed your design, pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and dab the excess wax off the candle surface.

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      Eerie Ghost Doorknob Hanger

      Halloween decorations don't have to be for only the experienced crafters! Let our adorable "boo" ghost welcome guests into your home. Trace a ghost shape onto white cardstock; cut out. Cut a hole in the center for a doorknob, and add eyes and a message with black marker.

      Editor's Tip: To keep the ghost from getting stuck in the door, adhere the ghost to the door with a small piece of tape.

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      Hanging Paper Bats

      Fill your home with a colony of flying paper bats. Print bats in various sizes onto black construction paper; cut out. Painter's tape easily adheres the bats to your wall without any damage.

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