Fun Ways to Disguise Halloween Candy & Party Favors

Dress up everyday packaged candy in creepy disguises for trick-or-treat night or to use as Halloween party favors.

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Halloween Owl Wrapping
Halloween Candy Bar Covers

    Disguise chocolate candy bars for Halloween with bright paper wraps and a free printable pattern. To figure out the size of the orange paper, add 1/2 inch to the height of the original candy bar wrapper. Print the tag images on white paper, and use a 2-inch scalloped circle punch to punch out the tags. Remove the original candy bar wrappers, leaving the silver foil liners. Wrap the trimmed orange paper around each bar, and add more decorations (such as black crepe paper and striped ribbon), using the photo as a guide. Attach a tag to each bar.

Dressed Up Tins

    Hand out your trick-or-treat candy or party favors in a package wrapped especially for Halloween. Use small metal watchmaker tins or wedding party-favor tins with clear lids (available online or at crafts stores). Remove the glass or plastic from the lids, then spray-paint the tins black using metal paint. When dry, reinsert the glass or plastic. Download our free clip art, then cut out the images and secure inside the lids with clear adhesive so the patterns show through.

Monster Mouth

    This monster may look scary but inside his mouth holds a sweet treat -- a perfect gift for Halloween guests.

Felt Favor Bags

    These hand-sewn felt favor bags are easy to make -- no complicated patterns or scary stitches involved. The silly faces are made from adhesive-backed crafts foam.

Tombstone Territory

    Candy gets a spooky place to rest in this easy craft. Cut two tombstones from gray cardstock or construction paper. Cut a narrow strip of gray to fit around the outside of the candy box, piecing the strip if necessary. On the front tombstone, add "RIP" at the top and the word "open" with an arrow pointing to the bottom. See the next slide for further instructions.

Tombstone Territory

    Use dark gray pencils to shade the tombstone and letters. Add a silver gemstone, if desired, to the icon at the top and the middle of the arrow at the bottom. Hot-glue the gray strip around the outside of the candy box. Adhere tombstones to the front and back of the candy box, then stand up your masterpiece. The finished tombstone measures 3-1/4x6 inches.

Friendly Ghost Bags

    Frosted plastic gift bags become friendly ghosts with a quick trim off the tops. For each bag, simply round the top corners with scissors and apply two googly eyes. Fill the bag with popcorn or Halloween treats, punch two small holes through the top, thread a black cord through the holes, and tie in a bow. They'll fly out the door!

Boo-tiful Black Rose

    Roses for Halloween? This pretty black rose holds a tasty treat to present to party guests or other special Halloween visitors. You can also turn your roses into placecards by writing guests' names on the leaves.

Fun Message Candy Bar Wrap

    Spark some laughs with this customized take-home treat. Cut white paper to fit around a candy bar. Stamp an image (we used the Trick or Feet stamp from onto the center of the paper. Color the image with watercolor pencils or markers.

    If desired, cut other colored papers to layer with the stamped paper. Tear and ink the edges of all the paper pieces. Secure the papers around the candy bar with tape. Sponge additional ink onto the paper for a distressed effect.

Eyes of Halloween Horror

    These scary eyes cover a classic, tasty treat: chocolate candy bars. Be creative with different eye styles and colored paper to make this year's Halloween treats spookier than ever.

Filled Candy Rolls

    Recycle empty paper-towel rolls into treat-filled tubes. Cut the rolls in half (or use toilet paper rolls) and fill with candy. Then roll an unfolded paper Halloween napkin around each candy-filled tube. Secure the ends with ribbon.

Monster Fingers

    Count those fingers, count those toes. Cylindrical store-bought candy is easily disguised with this quick paper craft.

Eyeball Lollipop Wrapper

    Ditch the store candy wrapper. Instead, spookify the classic lollipop by making this easy eyeball craft.

Pumpkin Treats

    Wrap it up! Layer two or three squares of tissue paper together. Draw a jack-o'-lantern face on the top square. Wrap the stack of tissues around a sucker and secure with ribbon.

Fanged Candy Box

    Watch out -- these fangs are ready to bite! But don't be afraid. A boxed candy treat is hidden inside.

    Editor's tip: This project can be enlarged or reduced to fit the size of boxed candy you select.

Crafts Store Staples

    Transform plain treat bags with Halloween-theme stickers and embellishments. Search the scrapbooking aisle at a crafts store to find a fun assortment.

Cellophane Candy Bags

    Keep it simple -- especially if you're preparing favors for a crowd. Just fill cellophane bags with candy, fold over the tops, and secure with fun Halloween stickers.

Ghostly Delights Treat Bag

    Ghosts are in the air. Make these ghostly treat bags as an easy, candy-filled gift.

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