Halloween Door Decorations

Welcome trick-or-treaters and party guests this Halloween with front-door accents that cast just the right spell. Our ideas for wreaths, door decorations, and entryway accents are sure to give your porch spook-tastic flair for Halloween.

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4 Incredibly Cool Halloween Ideas

These must-see ideas are super fun accessories for your Halloween party. From a vampire place setting to a fresh spin on caramel apples, you'll be inspired to start creating.

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3-Step Halloween Decorations

One, two, three, done! Get ready for Halloween in no time with our easy three-step decorating ideas. Including flying bats, playful pumpkins, and scaredy black cats, these Halloween crafts will be ready in no time. Try one of our easy Halloween decorations to get your home ready for the spooky season.

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Easy No-Carve Pumpkins

Create quick no-carve Halloween pumpkins with a creative eye and some decorative tape. We share our technique!

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Creative Ideas for Halloween Party Themes

Want to host a Halloween party but aren't sure where to start? Browse our creative Halloween party themes--for both kids and adults--to get inspired by decorating ideas and delicious menus and recipes. Bonus: We have free downloads to make everything extra-easy!

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Long-Lasting Halloween Wreath

This easy-to-make Halloween wreath can be used year after year. A few cheap supplies and some creativity result in a pretty fall wreath that's ready to display on your front door all season long. See how to make it!

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Long-Lasting Halloween Decorations

Looking for sleek fall decorating ideas that last all the way through Halloween? You've come to the right spot. Our collection of eclectic autumn displays and spookily stylish Halloween decor is sure to bring a little magic to your home all season long.

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Fun Ways to Disguise Halloween Candy & Party Favors

Dress up everyday packaged candy in creepy disguises for trick-or-treat night or to use as Halloween party favors. Our sweet candy dress-ups and party favor costumes transform chocolate bars, popcorn, and more into creepy-crawly spiders, ghostly treat bags, and batty boxes. Get started with these fun and easy projects today!


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    • Mini Candy Bar Treat Bag

      Bite-size Halloween candy bars get a mini makeover in this sweet Halloween party favor idea. Print our free label, available below, onto white paper; cut out to measure 3-3/16x1-5/ 8-inches. Trim the top corners using a curved-edge paper punch; adhere to a piece of purple cardstock with a glue stick. Cut around the purple card stock 1/16 inch beyond the label and trim the top corners of the purple cardstock using the punch. To make the candy bar sleeves, cut a 1-1/2x3-inch rectangle from scraps of patterned paper. Wrap the patterned paper around the candy bars and secure with double-sided tape. Slide the candy bars into a 4-inch clear sack and use tape to attach to the back of the label.

    • Monstrous Munchies Snack Cup

      Turn a simple snack cup into a fun-loving Frankenstein's monster with a bit of green paint, self-adhesive vinyl, and two peanut butter cups. To make, remove the yellow lid (but not the silver liner) from a snack cup (we used Nabisco Go-Paks). Paint the snack cup with two coats of green acrylic paint, letting the paint dry between coats. Cut a 10-1/2x1-1/4-inch strip of black self-adhesive vinyl to make the monster's hair, cutting it into points along the bottom edge. Remove the backing from the black vinyl and attach the hair around the top of the cup. Punch two 5/8-inch-diameter circles from black and two 1-inch-diameter circles from white self-adhesive vinyl to make the eyes; set aside. Cut 1/16-inch wide strips from black vinyl for the mouth. Remove the backing from the circles and mouth strips; adhere them to the painted cup. Use adhesive dots to attach a peanut butter cup to each side of the snack cup as neck bolts. 

    • Ghostly Popcorn Bags

      Give party guests a fright with these ghostly party favors made from vellum gift bags. Round the top of the treat bag and glue two wiggle eyes to the front. Punch two holes in the top of the bag, thread black ribbon through the holes and tie into a bow. Print our ghost sign, available below, and cut out. Display with ghost bags filled with popcorn for Halloween partygoers to take as a favor.

    • Video: How to Disguise Candy

      Watch how to create these creepy candy cover-ups. These devilish peepers will keep an eye on your candy stash.

    • Creepy-Crawly Play Dough

      Miniature play dough cans become silly-looking spiders with colorful chenille stems, wiggle eyes, and patterned paper. For each spider, remove the lid from a 1-ounce can of play dough. Cut a 6-1/2x1-inch strip from patterned paper, wrap the paper around the can, and secure it with double-sided tape. Cut four 3-1/2-inch lengths from chenille stems to make the spider's legs. Bend each chenille stem in fourths, forming a W shape. Hot-glue the center of two chenille-stem Ws on each side at the top of the can, bend the outsides of the Ws at a right angle to the can, and replace the lid. Finish the spider by adhering wiggle eyes to the lid with hot glue.

    • Witch Boot Candy Stick Container

      Candy-coated pretzel sticks (and other types of tall candy) can be cleverly contained in a witch boot made from a paper-towel tube and colored paper. To make, cut the paper-towel tube so it's 4-1/4 inches long. Cover the top two-thirds of the tube with purple paper and secure with double-sided tape. Cut 3/8-inch-wide strips from orange paper, and secure the strips around the tube using double-sided tape or a glue stick, referring to the photo for placement. Cut a 6-1/4x2-inch-wide strip of black cardstock; tape the strip around the bottom of the tube. Carefully cut a 1-inch slit at the center front and fold down the corners on the diagonal. Cut a 1-inch square from silver cardstock and a 3/4-inch square from black cardstock. Tape the squares together for the buckle and tape the buckle in place. Glue a 2x6x6-inch triangle of black cardstock to the base of the tube, and curl up the point by wrapping it around a pencil.

    • Black Cat Candy Pouch

      Store all kinds of Halloween candy in this cute cat pouch fashioned from two paper plates embellished with cardstock. Paint the underside of two small paper plates with black acrylic paint; let dry. Use a small plate or bowl to trace and cut out a circular area to form the top of the cat's head. Punch the eyes from light green cardstock using a large circle punch, and cut out pointed oval shapes from purple cardstock to create pupils. Cut the ears and whiskers from gray cardstock, and cut the nose from orange cardstock; adhere to the plate with a glue stick. Staple the plates together with the unpainted sides facing each other. If desired, paint over the staples (or use black staples) to hide them.

    • Night Owl Candy Boxes

      These adorable owls hold small candies, making them perfect as cute Halloween party favors. Download our owl patterns, available below, and cut the pieces from cardstock in various colors and patterns. Score the body as indicated on the dashed lines; fold on the scored lines. Glue the bottom and side to the inside of the pillow box body, and glue the breast to the front of the pillow box body. Cut the pupils from black cardstock and the eyes from white cardstock, glue together. Cut slits around the eye backgrounds to fringe the edges, and attach the eyes. Glue the finished eye pieces to the body as shown. Cut a beak shape from tan or orange cardstock, and glue below the eyes. 

    • Going Batty Take-Out Box

      Create a cool nocturnal creature from a paper take-out box to disguise large Halloween treats. Download our wing pattern, available below, and cut two wings from folded black cardstock. Cut the slit as marked on the pattern, and slip a wing onto each side of the wire handle of a black take-out-style carton (available at crafts stores). Glue each wing shut. Punch circles from black, orange, and light green cardstock for the bat eyes. Cut a mouth from red cardstock and fangs from white cardstock; adhere all the features to the carton with a glue stick.

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      Spooky Spider Glow Sticks

      These spooky glow sticks are the ideal take-home treat for a kids Halloween party. To make, insert four 8-inch glow sticks into 9-3/4-inch plastic tubes with caps (available at crafts or packing stores); cap the tubes. Thread one or two black plastic spider rings onto each tube. Punch 2-1/4-inch-diameter scalloped-edge circles from orange glitter cardstock, and print our Happy Halloween label (available below) onto white paper. Cut out the label and adhere to the cardstock circle with double-sided tape. Secure the finished motif to the tube with double-sided tape.

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      Crafts Store Staples

      Transform plain treat bags with Halloween-theme stickers and embellishments. Search the scrapbooking aisle at a crafts store to find a fun assortment.

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      Halloween Candy Bar Covers

      Disguise chocolate candy bars for Halloween with bright paper wraps and a free printable pattern. To figure out the size of the orange paper, add 1/2 inch to the height of the original candy bar wrapper. Print the tag images on white paper, and use a 2-inch scalloped circle punch to punch out the tags. Remove the original candy bar wrappers, leaving the silver foil liners. Wrap the trimmed orange paper around each bar, and add more decorations (such as black crepe paper and striped ribbon), using the photo as a guide. Attach a tag to each bar.

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      Felt Favor Bags

      These hand-sewn felt favor bags are easy to make -- no complicated patterns or scary stitches involved. The silly faces are made from adhesive-backed crafts foam.

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      Dressed Up Tins

      Hand out your trick-or-treat candy or party favors in a package wrapped especially for Halloween. Use small metal watchmaker tins or wedding party-favor tins with clear lids (available online or at crafts stores). Remove the glass or plastic from the lids, then spray-paint the tins black using metal paint. When dry, reinsert the glass or plastic. Download our free clip art, then cut out the images and secure inside the lids with clear adhesive so the patterns show through.

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      Pumpkin Treats

      Wrap it up! Layer two or three squares of tissue paper together. Draw a jack-o'-lantern face on the top square. Wrap the stack of tissues around a sucker and secure with ribbon.

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      Cellophane Candy Bags

      Keep it simple -- especially if you're preparing favors for a crowd. Just fill cellophane bags with candy, fold over the tops, and secure with fun Halloween stickers.

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      Fun Message Candy Bar Wrap

      Spark some laughs with this customized take-home treat. Cut white paper to fit around a candy bar. Stamp an image (we used the Trick or Feet stamp from stampendous.com) onto the center of the paper. Color the image with watercolor pencils or markers.

      If desired, cut other colored papers to layer with the stamped paper. Tear and ink the edges of all the paper pieces. Secure the papers around the candy bar with tape. Sponge additional ink onto the paper for a distressed effect.

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