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Why should kids have all the fun? Make this Halloween a memorable one by getting in on the season's most popular costume picks. Not sure what costume to wear this year? Try one of these eye-catching creations.

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    No matter what your favorite suit, you're sure to be the queen of hearts this Halloween. The costume comes complete with dress and tiara.

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    This pretty pixie will be working her magic on Halloween night! You'll feel like a fairy princess in this classic character costume.

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    Ruby the Pirate Beauty

    This beautiful buccaneer will be ready for the high seas with a pirate hook, sword, choker, eye patch, and earring.

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    French Maid

    In this costume you can really clean up! Make it a clean sweep and pick up accessories like a feather duster, garter, and gloves.

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    Whenever Superman's in trouble, leave it to Super Girl to come to his rescue. Be your own Halloween hero in this strong and sassy costume.

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    Wonder Woman

    It's never too late to portray your childhood heroine.

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    Claw your way to the top of any costume contest with a feline look that's perfect for Halloween.

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    Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

    A perennial favorite, Dorothy also works well with a group, so enlist friends to dress up as the Scarecrow, Lion, and Wicked Witch.

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    Lucky Star

    Dance to your own beat as your favorite pop star!

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    Slot Machine

    We've got a winner with this slot machine costume that will cash in on the current craze for all things Vegas.

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    Grown-Up Fairy Princess

    It's never too late to indulge your girlhood fantasy of being a flirty fairytale character.

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    Greek Goddess

    Unleash your inner goddess this year with a glamorous costume that's sure to stop traffic.

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    Tropical Tourists

    Show off your sense of humor dressed as the kind of clueless tourist we all love to laugh at. Don't forget your camera!

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