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Gather your gang and team up to make this Halloween your most fun yet. These group costume ideas are proven crowd-pleasers!

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    Superheroes -- from Batman to Supergirl -- are hot this Halloween. Enlist your spouse and kids or a few friends to create an unstoppable crime-fighting team.

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    Pirate Costumes

    This year you'll find plenty of pirate costumes for kids and parents. Three-cornered hats and cuffed boots, along with vests and wide belts make the look work for nearly any age.

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    Star Wars

    Your whole crew can get in on the biggest Halloween craze in the galaxy with Star Wars costumes for Jedi fans of all ages (and breeds!).

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    Fantastic 4

    Set the stage for a fright night battle between good and evil. The three "good guys" -- Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and The Thing -- can take on the sinister Dr. Doom.

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    Gilligan's Island

    Grab a few pals and make like you're marooned on a deserted isle by dressing like the cast of the classic TV show Gilligan's Island.

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    Renaissance Costumes

    History buffs will enjoy going back in time with authentic-looking period costumes like this Renaissance garb.

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    Solve the mystery of what to wear to that costume party by dressing as these famous super sleuths. You and your pals can go as Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred -- and your favorite pooch can portray Scooby himself.

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    Wizard of Oz

    A classic choice, the Oz gang is always a fun option. Bonus: This theme works well for even very large groups because you can include as many Munchkins as you'd like!

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    Vampire Family

    Here's a family that only comes out at night! Up the fear factor this Halloween by dressing as a frightening vampire clan.

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