From digging to raking to pruning and nearly every job in between, tools are an essential element of your gardening routine. Equipped with the right tool, your to-do list can get a lot easier (and a lot shorter). But tools are an investment, and it pays to start small, with no-cost or low-cost helpers: We have 25 tools that you can buy or make. Pruning is a necessary garden task, but different tools are required for different kinds (and sizes) of jobs; find the right fit for the job before you begin. Power tools come into play in the yard, too -- from cordless drills to chain saws and more; see what you need and what options might be a good fit. If environmental friendliness is top of mind for you, garden alternatives can help you save time and energy -- and save the planet -- including battery-power lawn and garden equipment. Another way to use tools to go green: Collect your own rain to reuse. Save on your water bill with a rain barrel that you make or purchase. Once you have the tools, take care of them and organize them; we have tips and tricks to keep everything in its place -- and everything in good shape.

Tool Techniques
Top Tools for Garden Maintenance

Here are some of the best gardening tools to help make your work easier.

How to Care for Garden Tools

Properly caring for your tools will ensure that you enjoy them for many seasons.

Top Gardening Tools
Top Gardening Tools
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