How to Pick a Tree to Plant

Use our tips to select the best tree at your local garden center or nursery.

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4-Step Outdoor Fall Window Box

Plant a beautiful outdoor fall display in four easy steps. Our editor shows you how to combine fall flowers and seasonal gourds to create a stunning window box (Hint: It looks great from inside the house, too!).

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Fall Tree Care

Get tips for preparing your trees for winter.

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Fall Garden Checklist

Get your yard ready for winter with these easy tasks.

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How to Plant Spring Bulbs

Plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall. Here┬┐s how!

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How to Deal with Fall Leaves

Make getting rid of fall leaves easy with these tips.

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Mums in the Fall Garden

Browse stunning types of mums, and see creative ways to incorporate mums into your fall landscape.

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Popular in Gardening

Guide to Soils and Potting Mixes

Garden soils and potting mixes differ and should not be used interchangeable. Any soil can be improved, so customize to create a plant-perfect blend.

Learn how to do a soil test.


Heavy, sticky clay holds water and compacts easily.

See what plants thrive in clay soils.


Gritty sand drains quickly and doesn't hold nutrients.


Crumbly silt holds nutrients and moisture but packs down.

Cacti and Succulent Mix

Equal parts sand, perlite, and potting soil provide the drainage these plants need.

Premium Mix

Jazz up potting soil by adding perlite, composted manure, vermiculite, and peat moss.

All-Purpose Mix

A blend of peat moss, vermiculite, and composted bark works for most plants.


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