Mulch should be called the miracle worker of the garden. Spread mulch around your plants; you'll kick out weeds, preserve moisture, and add the perfect finishing touch to garden beds and borders. But as with so much in the landscape, there's plenty to learn about mulch, including the types that best match the style of your landscape. Use our guide to figure out what you need. Once you've figured out style, the question becomes how much mulch is enough? Turn to our mulch calculator, which helps you figure out the right amount before you even start spreading it around plants. Compost can also be used as mulch; dive right into these reader recipes for creating the richest compost piles around. Once you've selected the right mulch for your landscape, you'll want to apply several inches at the beginning and end of the growing season. One of the rewards will likely be a richer soil with more earthworms -- good for the dirt and good for your plants, too. Learn why with our introduction to the power of worms.


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Landscaping Mulch Guide

See what types of mulch work best for landscaping.

Free Mulch Calculator

Know how much mulch to use in your yard before you buy it.

Mulch for a Healthy Garden

Learn how mulching, weeding, and edging work together for a healthy garden.

Everything in Mulch
  • How to Mulch

    Erosion buster, moisture conserver, plant enhancer: Mulch is all those things and more. And learning how to apply m...

  • All About Garden Mulches

    Mulch offers a blanket of security to your soil and plants. And there are so many options!

  • Mulch

    Save cash on mulch by buying the right amount. Use our calculator to figure out what you need.

  • Pile It On!

    Our gardening readers are excited about compost. Check out their compost “recipes."

  • The Best Mulches

    The right mulch depends on your garden needs. Use our guide to select the ideal mulch.

  • Welcome, Earthworms

    Yes, worms are one of the good guys in the garden. These little soil helpers can make your garden better.



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