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Sure, there are great blooms and wondrous nature sights to enjoy in a garden -- but it takes hard work and lots of care to get there. From choosing the best plants for your yard to deadheading and watering, these tips will help you make your garden the best it can be. Make easy work of the plants you want to include in your garden with steps to starting your own seeds. Or, if you prefer, there are ways to get the most from nursery plants, and we show you how. You may be starting a brand-new bed; find eight steps to build it from scratch. Springtime is a crucial time for the garden, and our spring checklist will help yours get a good start on the growing season. Once your plants get established, they need trimming, deadheading, and staking, as well as proper feeding. Find 10 essential plant-rearing tips (as well as even more ideas to make gardening easier) that will nurture a successful flower garden. It's also easier to think of caring for your garden if you break it down by time of year and type of plant; turn to seasonal landscape maintenance lists -- including how to put your pond to bed for the year.


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The Easiest Seeds to Start

We've put together our list of the easiest annuals to grow from seed.

Growing Perennials from Seed

Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to start perennials from seed this spring.

Organic Gardening Tips

Organic gardening is an easy, chemical-free solution for many garden challenges.

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General Garden Care
Plant Propagation
Seasonal Gardening


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