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Gardener's gold: That's one of the many positive descriptions for compost. It allows you to return nutrients to the soil, to promote the growth of your plants, and to keep your flowerbeds healthy and thriving. There is a lot to know about compost, starting with the different types of compost. You can buy compost, of course, but it's also easier than you might think to make your own. Start with a simple compost bin that turns your yard and kitchen waste into a nutrient-rich addition for your soil. (Bonus: The bin takes just six steps to assemble and costs less than $100.) Or you can review our ideas for making composters and choose the one that best fits your yard and your gardening style. If you don't want to look at your compost bin, you can make a simple screen to hide it from view. Once you've made compost, how do you use it to best benefit your plants?

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