Secrets to a More Productive Vegetable Garden

Here are three simple techniques for maximizing the output of your vegetable garden.
Intensive Planting Beds
Grid pattern on garden bed
Save space by arranging plants in
a grid pattern.

The surest way to increase the yield from a vegetable garden is to reduce the space between plants. The idea is to plant wide bands, thus reducing the amount of ground devoted to paths.

To start an intensive garden, make a bed of any length, but limit its width to 3 to 4 feet across so you can reach the center of the bed from either side. Although it's not necessary to box in the bed, this is a good idea. When you enclose a bed with vertical boards, it's not only neater, but the soil won't collapse onto the paths. It also will be much easier for you to install row covers or erect supports for vertical growing.

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