Growing your own food is enjoying a surge in popularity. It trims grocery budgets and provides reassurance about where food comes from. Whether you're ready to plant your first crops or have been growing food for years, you'll find new ideas to keep you going (and growing). For people with limited space -- a small balcony, patio, or porch -- containers are a good solution to growing vegetables; get inspiration from these collections of plants. Many people believe that all vegetables are annuals; not so. There are seven perennial vegetable garden plants that you can harvest year after year. There's no reason to keep your vegetables separate from the rest of the garden; we show you how with ideas to integrate edibles into the yard (called edible landscaping). Raised beds are good for many reasons, including less labor to tend to plants; here's how to use them to grow vegetables. It's also fun to theme a vegetable garden; give it a try with salsa, pizza, salad, or cocktail creations. Or get inspiration from the White House kitchen garden.

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The Right Tomatoes for Your Garden

Check out this guide to help you choose the best tomatoes to grow in your garden.

Grow Colorful Vegetables

Add a visual kick to your garden with these fabulous varieties.

How to Grow Rhubarb
How to Grow Rhubarb
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