A Strawberry Jar Garden of Herbs

Set this herb-filled strawberry jar garden beside your kitchen door and you'll have ready access to flavorful leaves all summer long.
Strawberry Jar Planted with a Variety of Herbs Mix a time-release fertilizer
into the soil when planting
your strawberry jar. One
dose can last all summer.

Savor the delicious flavors of herbs throughout the growing season with this splendid miniature kitchen garden. Use the basil, marjoram, and oregano to spice up soups and sauces. Serve up colorful garnishes with parsley sprigs, chive blossoms, and tricolor sage leaves. Brew tasty teas with the leaves of lemon balm and pineapple mint.

The dainty, daisylike flowers in the jar are Erigeron, a hardy perennial that blooms sporadically from spring through fall. If you prefer, substitute feverfew or chamomile, which have similar flowers.

Plant List:

  • 2 2-inch pots of chives
  • 1 2-inch pot of tricolor sage
  • 1 2-inch pot of pineapple mint
  • 1 4-inch pot of fleabane (Erigeron) or, if you prefer, one 4-inch pot of feverfew or chamomile
  • 1 4-inch pot of lemon balm
  • 1 4-inch pot of marjoram
  • 1 4-inch pot of oregano
  • 1 4-inch pot of basil