Herb Centerpiece

Add life to any table with these three simple instructions.

+ enlarge image Enjoy this centerpiece fresh forseveral days, or dry it for alonger-lasting scent.

Bring a touch of Tuscany to your table. Create a centerpiece where fresh herbs cascade from stacked pots, much like greenery would tumble over rocks on an Italian hillside.

Individual sprigs of parsley and sage, anchored in floral foam, make up the bottom two layers of this fragrant centerpiece. Rosemary sprigs are the crowning top layer. Plants can be found in grocery stores, or you can purchase them at garden centers.

Preserve your herb centerpiece with tips on drying the harvest. Click here for more.


1. Water the plants and floral foam frequently for several days of freshness, or let the sprigs dry for an everlasting centerpiece. If drying, consider substituting herbs with tougher leaves, such as dill, lavender, or tarragon. Soft-leaved herbs, such as parsley, tend to wither and dry brown. Buy two to three times what you need.

+ enlarge image Whitewash pots for an aged effect.

2. Pad each pot with crumpled kraft paper so the next pot sits at the right level, then line the outer edge with floral foam.

+ enlarge image Insert herb sprigs into the floral foam, angling them outward.

3. Assemble the centerpiece, then hang the leftover herbs upside down in a warm, dry place until dry. As the centerpiece dries, fill in gaps with extra sprigs to keep the arrangement looking full.

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