Just about every dish tastes better with fresh herbs -- and there's no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself in an herb garden. From classic herb favorites such as basil, rosemary, mint, and thyme to lesser-known herb varieties, follow these growing, tending, and harvesting tips for herb garden success. Start with 15 easy-to-grow herb favorites. Herbs work almost as well in indoor herb gardens as they do outside; try growing an herb garden inside for easy cooking access. One of the more flexible ways for growing herbs is in containers; get herb garden inspiration for growing yours in clever vessels (including a strawberry jar). Most herbs are naturals to start from seed; use these simple directions to get your herb garden crops growing. Once your herbs are established, they'll need regular care, including dividing, pruning, and harvesting; make the most out of your herb garden's bounty with this advice (as well as ideas on how to propagate cuttings). Growing herbs is one thing; cooking with them is another thing altogether. We have ideas on how to grow and prepare delicious herb-flavored recipes. And what would gardening be without a little fun? Use rosemary as a lush herb topiary standard, grow edible flowers for pretty blooms to pop into salads and desserts, or dress up a windowsill with an herb garden. Not sure where to start? View our lists of herbs, including perennial herbs.


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how to grow herbs
Harvesting Herbs

Learn how to harvest herbs for maximum flavor.

Planting Herbs

Simplify messy task of potting herbs with these three tips.

Drying Herbs

Learn how to dry fresh herbs for year-round flavor.

Everything in Herbs
Caring for Herbs
Growing Herb Gardens Indoors
Herb Gardens in Containers


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