Marechal Foch Grapevines

Marechal Foch grapes
Vitis `Marechal Foch'
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Vitis `Marechal Foch' Grapevines have long been cherished for their ornamental as well as their fruit-bearing qualities. You can use these vines to obscure a large ugly wall or provide shade on an arbor just as summer gets most heated. The Marechal Foch grape, an extremely winter-hardy variety (to at least 25 degrees below zero), takes the wondrous attributes of vine growing an extra step. You can make a better-than-decent wine from it (think burgundy with some oomph), or you can press the fruit for juice that has the surprising taste of cherries. If you've yearned to make wine or grow sweet cherries in a harsh climate, this is the way to go. Bonus: Requires little to no spraying.

Light: Full sun. Hardiness: To 25 degrees below zero. Growth habit: Train on arbor or trellis. Harvest: Late summer.