Tuberous Begonia

Latin pronunciation: (buh-GOH-nyuh too-ber-HIB-ri-duh)

Spectacular bloomers, tuberous begonias send up flowers in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Tuberous Begonia Tuberous begonia

  • LIGHT: Expose to medium (bright indirect) light during active growth, dark during dormancy.
  • WATER: Keep constantly moist during active growth. Water less after foliage starts to yellow, then stop during dormancy. Raise humidity.
  • TEMPERATURE: Maintain average temperatures during active growth and cooler temperatures during dormancy.


Plant tubers, hollow side up and barely exposed, in shallow pots; use soil high in organic matter. Keep moist and at 70 degrees to spur growth. Water and feed regularly. After bloom, water less until leaves wilt. Clean and dry tubers; store in cool, dry, dark place. Or, leave in pot on side in similar spot. Propagate by cutting shoots (eyes) off tubers. Use as tip cuttings.