Who says that growing space has to be limited to the area on the ground. With vines, you can go up, up, up -- along walls, trellises, or other structures. It's a way to save gardening ground, as well as add beauty in unexpected but welcome spaces. Vines can be annual or perennial, and both have a place in the garden. For intense bursts of color, try some of our favorite annual vines. They'll grow fast and furious, adding bloom and beauty over an arbor or against a shed. Another bonus: They produce colorful blooms in nearly every color. Perennial vines also have an essential place in the garden, with the benefit of coming back from year to year. Use them for color and texture in vertical spaces. If your vines won't bloom, take steps to gently encourage the plants to flower. If you're having trouble deciding on the right vine for your garden, turn to the Better Homes and Gardens Plant Encyclopedia. There, you'll find helpful tips, hardiness Zones, bloom times, and care information for every kind of vine.


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