Saybrook Juniper

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Saybrook Gold
Juniperus chinensis
Saybrook Gold
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Juniperus chinensis Saybrook Gold Many evergreens -- whether golden or not -- turn a kind of bronzy, coppery color in winter. At least, "bronze" and "copper" are the words employed by fans of this seasonal coloration. Other gardeners use words like "brown" and "icky." The Saybrook Gold juniper, however, keeps its audacious yellow color all year long (OK, maybe there's a hint of auburn in the dead of winter, but it's barely noticeable). You should see the Saybrook's golden glow when embraced by a whiter-than-white snowbank. This feathery shrub grows only 2 to 3 feet tall, but spreads twice that, easy. You might pair it with a ground-hugging juniper like Icee Blue in a mixed-shrub border or use it as a foundation plant, one of the many alternatives to the ubiquitous green throttlehold of suburban yews.

Light: Full sun. Hardiness: To 35 degrees below zero. Growth habit: 2 to 3 feet tall, 6 feet wide.


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