All About Japanese Maples

Lovely lacy leaves and a graceful aspect make these small trees an asset in any yard.
Japanese Maples

You can hardly go wrong with Japanese maples. Most have an exquisitely layered, cascading form, an elegant, fine leaf texture, and remarkable fall color. Among the many varieties, there are maples with yellow-green, purple, red, bronze, and variegated leaves. And their sizes suit any landscape, varying from 3-foot dwarfs to slow-growing 15-footers. Japanese maples can get a little pricey, so consider them an investment in your home.

Many Japanese maples have a wonderful way of spreading in the shape of low graceful domes. On a slope or overhang, their arching branches can descend even below the base of the trunk. See the way this laceleaf pours over the retaining wall echoing the pond's waterfall?

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