Trees are important in every landscape -- big or small, urban or rural, cottage or contemporary. But because trees live a lifetime or more (and often cost so much), they can be intimidating to choose and maintain. We have advice on selecting the best trees for your landscape and caring for them once they're planted. Nearly every yard has room for small trees, and they add character to the landscape. Choose from some of these varieties as a starting point. Other good garden choices include elegant, beautiful Japanese maples, which have become a hit with gardeners in the past few years; conifers; and flowering trees. Review the choices to find one that meets your landscape needs. The first year is often the most critical in a tree's life; learn essential steps to protect your new trees, particularly in winter. Once your trees are off to a good start, continue to promote their health: We have the advice you need. In addition to offering shade and structure, trees can do unique things. For example, a row of small espaliered trees can be trained into decorative patterns and serve as a living fence; we teach you how.


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Best Flowering Trees and Shrubs

See which trees will give you gorgeous blooms.

Japanese Maple Trees for Your Yard

Japanese maple trees add grace and beauty through the seasons.

Selecting Trees for Your Yard

Learn how to select a tree before making such a big, permanent investment.

Everything in Trees
Caring for Trees
  • First Year Tree Care

    The care you give your newly planted tree within the first year of its life will determine its success.

  • How to Build a Living Fence

    Espalier, the art of training small trees against a flat surface, is an ideal way to build a living fence.

  • How to Move a Tree

    If you need to transplant a tree from one area of your landscape to another, do it right!

  • Keeping Trees Healthy

    A tree is a beautiful asset to your yard. Keep it happy and healthy with these tips.

  • Palm Tree Care Guide

    For southern climates, palms make marvelous landscape plants. Learn how to care for your palm.

Choosing Trees & Shrubs
Recommended Trees
Tree Basics


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