The Best Flowers for Wet Soil

Turn a wet, poorly drained spot in your yard into a colorful landscape feature with these perennial flowers and ornamental grasses.

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Fall Veggies to Plant Now

Grow these cool-season vegetables and herbs to extend your garden's harvests in spring and fall. This list of vegetables includes seasonal vegetables, green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, winter vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fall vegetables and more.

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Improve Poor Drainage

Follow these tips to transform a poorly drained area into an easy-care garden.

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Tips and Tricks to Keep Plants Blooming

Deadheading is a popular practice ¿ but do you know all the ways to keep flowers on your plants longer? Follow these easy tips for keeping your favorite shrubs and flowers blooming longer.

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Top Plant Picks for Late-Summer Color

Keep the color coming on strong through the end of the growing season with these easy-care, reliable annuals and perennials.

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Plan for a Gorgeous Fall Landscape

See how two great gardeners -- one on the East Coast and one on the West -- created knock-your-socks-off fall yards -- and learn how you can do the same.

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Best Plants for Rock Gardens

Transforming an unsightly slope or mound in your backyard into a colorful rock garden is easy when you chose the right plants. These amazing, low-maintenance ground huggers don't mind poor soil but do need good drainage to survive. Here's a list of our top plants for rock gardens.

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Shrubs are surprisingly versatile, offering color, structure, privacy, shelter, and food for wildlife. But how do you choose -- and what works best for your yard? A photo gallery of options is a great start; you'll find dependable choices and helpful advice to guide you toward making a good decision. Springtime is a prime time for many shrubs to put on a colorful and welcome show in the landscape; learn the best plants to choose to add blooms to brighten those early-growing season days. Lilacs are another shrub that offers fragrance in springtime and pretty foliage the rest of the growing season. Bloomerang lilac is a prolific rebloomer -- and one you might want to try for your flowerbeds. Autumn is also a good season to let shrubs shine; discover varieties that add an explosion of deep-color hues to your yard. Shrubs often have short bloom times, but many reward with fantastic foliage. Hydrangeas are prolific and suitable for nearly every region; learn how to tend them best with an ultimate hydrangea guide. Shrubs offer structure and boundaries in your landscape; uncover the best flowering shrubs to use as hedges.

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Best Flowering Shrubs for Hedges

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Choose the Top Hydrangeas for Your Garden

Find out which hydrangeas are the best bets for your yard


Get detailed growing information on this plant and hundreds more in BHG's Plan...

Floribunda rose

Get detailed growing information on this plant and hundreds more in BHG's Plan...

Butterfly Garden Plants

Butterfly gardens not only attract butterflies, they also offer beautiful...


Get detailed growing information on this plant and hundreds more in BHG's Plan...

Grow Hydrangeas

Grow gorgeous hydrangeas in your home landscape.

Top Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

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Growing Guide for Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

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Top Tree Peony Varieties

Grow tree peonies and enjoy some of the most opulent flowers the garden has to...


Get detailed growing information on this plant and hundreds more in BHG's Plan...


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