Shrubs are surprisingly versatile, offering color, structure, privacy, shelter, and food for wildlife. But how do you choose -- and what works best for your yard? A photo gallery of options is a great start; you'll find dependable choices and helpful advice to guide you toward making a good decision. Springtime is a prime time for many shrubs to put on a colorful and welcome show in the landscape; learn the best plants to choose to add blooms to brighten those early-growing season days. Lilacs are another shrub that offers fragrance in springtime and pretty foliage the rest of the growing season. Bloomerang lilac is a prolific rebloomer -- and one you might want to try for your flowerbeds. Autumn is also a good season to let shrubs shine; discover varieties that add an explosion of deep-color hues to your yard. Shrubs often have short bloom times, but many reward with fantastic foliage. Hydrangeas are prolific and suitable for nearly every region; learn how to tend them best with an ultimate hydrangea guide. Shrubs offer structure and boundaries in your landscape; uncover the best flowering shrubs to use as hedges.


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The 13 Best Summer-Blooming Shrubs

Add color and interest to your spring landscape with these gorgeous flowering shrubs.

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Search 100+ shrubs to find the right one for your yard!

Choose the Right Hydrangea

Browse varieties and requirements for this popular shrub.

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