Caring for Trees & Shrubs

Trees, shrubs, and vines are essential elements in your landscape, adding structure, texture, and color as well as establishing focal points. Fortunately, taking care of trees, shrubs, and vines can be easy, but it does require knowing the basics, and learning insider tips will help your plants reach their full potential. All the care advice you need is here. Start with what you buy: Trees and shrubs can be bare-root, balled-and-burlapped, or container-grown. All of them will work well in a landscape, but each has different requirements. Here's what you need to know to make sure all three types will get off to a great start in your landscape. Once your trees, shrubs, and vines are established, maintaining them is key to ensuring their healthy growth. Part of that maintenance includes pruning -- but what do you prune and when? We have advice on pruning, as well as a maintenance calendar. Not sure what tool works for pruning small branches or large limbs? Turn to our guide. If you have an established tree or shrub in your landscape that's been neglected, you can give it new life with careful pruning.


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How to Transplant a Tree

Learn the right way to move a tree.

Container-Grown Trees & Shrubs

Get the secrets to healthy container-grown plants.

Planting Bareroot Trees & Shrubs

Learn how to give bareroot trees a healthy start.

Everything in Caring for Trees & Shrubs
Choosing Trees & Shrubs
Planting Trees & Shrubs
Pruning Trees & Shrubs
  • Great Pruning Tools

    Primed for pruning? Grab the right tool before you start.

  • How to Espalier

    Espalier, the art of training a tree or shrub against a wall, is one way to enhance a courtyard wall or other exter...

  • How to Prune Trees

    Learn how to prune your trees the right way and at the right time of year to add beauty and longevity.

  • Pruning Shrubs

    To keep your shrubs in shape, use the right trimming techniques.

  • Renovate Shrubs

    It's easy to take shrubs for granted -- so, rescue them from neglect!

  • Shape Your Shrubs

    Many shrubs grow rapidly, and become overgrown, excessively twiggy, and weighted down with excess foliage.

  • Tree & Shrub Care Guide

    Use these tips to ensure the trees and shrubs in your landscape stay healthy and beautiful.

  • What to Prune When

    Take the mystery out of when to prune your plants by following our quick-and-easy guide.

  • Tree Trimming

    Get cost guidelines, DIY tips, and find tree-trimming professionals in your area.


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