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Summer squash

Cucurbita pepo

Zucchini is the most well-known summer squash, but are other types worth growing, such as crookneck squash. Useful, all-purpose vegetables, summer squash of all sorts are delightful sliced or chopped into salads of all kinds, including pasta salads. It adds a texture and crunch all its own. Or use summer squashes in soups, simmering lightly to preserve their texture. For a simple summer side dish, saute in olive oil, garlic, and oregano.

Summer squashes come in quite a variety. They can be long, straight, and thin like zucchini, have a swollen base and thin, bent top like crookneck squash, be round like a baseball, or even be shaped like a flying saucer. Grow bush types in hills 2 to 3 feet apart in rows 3 to 5 feet apart. Plants are notoriously prolific producers, so you may need only one or two to supply your needs.





1 to 3 feet


3-10 feet wide

how to grow Summer squash

more varieties for Summer squash
'Black Beauty' zucchini

'Black Beauty' zucchini

bears smooth, straight fruits on an open plant. 60 days

'Early Prolific Straightneck'

'Early Prolific Straightneck'

is an open-pollinated variety with light cream color fruits. The neck end is thinner than the blossom end. 48 days

'Early Summer Crookneck'

'Early Summer Crookneck'

is an heirloom that has a bent neck and yellow fruits with bumpy skin. Use it as you would zucchini. 53 days

'Gold Rush' zucchini

'Gold Rush' zucchini

offers uniform golden yellow, smooth, straight fruits that are a colorful contrast to green zucchini. 45 days

'Raven Hybrid' zucchini

'Raven Hybrid' zucchini

produces dark green fruits in as few as 48 days from planting. The plant is a compact bush.

'Sunburst' pattypan squash

'Sunburst' pattypan squash

is a deep golden yellow flattened, rounded, summer squash with scalloped edges. The vigorous plant is quite productive. 50 days

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