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Solanum melongena

Eggplant is not only a wonderfully international food, it's also versatile. Add it to soups and pasta dishes or use it as the basis for hearty meatless casseroles and other entrees. Vegetarians value its rich, deep flavor as an excellent substitute for meat.

Eggplant originated in India, where it is used in many dishes, such as bengan bartha. The vegetable is also the basis for Greek moussaka, French ratatouille, and Italian caponata. The elegantly shaped, often gorgeously colored, glossy fruits vary from large oval teardrop-shape to small round grape size. And the mature color can range from white to purple, pink, striped, green, or orange. The plant needs heat and humidity to grow well. Fruit fails to set at temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.





1 to 3 feet


1-2 feet wide

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more varieties for Eggplant
'Dusky Hybrid' eggplant

'Dusky Hybrid' eggplant

is an early-maturing variety (63 days) with dark purple fruits that are 6-7 inches long.

'Ichiban' eggplant

'Ichiban' eggplant

is an Asian-type variety that produces dark purple elongated fruits 60-70 days from transplanting.

'Ping Tung Long' eggplant

'Ping Tung Long' eggplant

is a Taiwanese variety that bears cylindrical violet-purple fruits up to 12 inches long. 62 days

'Purple Rain Hybrid' eggplant

'Purple Rain Hybrid' eggplant

features wine-purple skin streaked with white. The 6- to 7-inch-long fruits mature in 66 days.

'Tango Hybrid' eggplant

'Tango Hybrid' eggplant

bears 7-inch-long white fruits in just 60 days.

'Twinkle Hybrid' eggplant

'Twinkle Hybrid' eggplant

produces 3-4 inch oval fruits striped purple and white. It grows well in container gardens. 60 days

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