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Brassica oleracea Botrytis_ group

Cauliflower is trickier to grow in some climates than its cousin, broccoli, but the effort is well worth it. And the reward of harvesting a large, attractive head from your garden will give a great sense of satisfaction.

Plants grow best in cool (below 70 degrees F) weather. In most locations it's best to plant it 90 days before the first fall frost so heads will mature during cool weather. Traditional white-headed cauliflowers required gardeners to tie leaves over the developing head to ensure mild flavor and development of snow-white curds. Some newer varieties have outer leaves that naturally cover the head, eliminating the need for blanching. Varieties that develop colored heads of orange, purple, or chartreuse also need no blanching.


Part Sun, Sun



From 1 to 8 feet


8-30 inches wide

how to grow Cauliflower

more varieties for Cauliflower

'Graffiti Hybrid' cauliflower
'Graffiti Hybrid' cauliflower
features bright purple heads that hold their color well even when cooked, especially if you add a little vinegar to cooking water to make it acidic. 85 days
'Snow Crown Hybrid' cauliflower
'Snow Crown Hybrid' cauliflower
is a standard white variety that's early maturing, widely adapted, and easy to grow. 55 days
'Veronica Hybrid' cauliflower
'Veronica Hybrid' cauliflower
is a romanesco-type that produces unique spiky lime-green heads with a mild, nutty flavor. 85 days

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