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Daucus carota sativus

Who knew you could have so much fun growing carrots? You can always grow carrots like the traditional, large, orange-root types, but also have fun with the many different types of carrots now available for gardeners to grow from seed.

Classic orange-root carrots have been joined by new varieties in a rainbow of colors, ranging from red to white, yellow, and purple. They also come in a variety of shapes, including small, almost round, very large, and more cylindrical.

Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene, both known as antioxidants and cancer fighters. Use carrots raw in salads, or explore their uses in Indian salads. The juice from carrots is the health-buff's staple. And they are, of course, fabulous in soups and stews or as a side dish. Cooking carrots makes the calcium in them more available, another nutritional bonus. 


Part Sun, Sun



1 to 3 feet


6-15 inches wide

how to grow Carrots

more varieties of Carrots
'Danvers 126' carrot

'Danvers 126' carrot

is a heat-resistant variety with tapered, thin roots 7 to 8 inches long. 75 days

'Imperator 58' carrot

'Imperator 58' carrot

bears sweet, tender roots that grow best in loose soils where they can grow to 9 inches long. 70 days

'Kuroda' carrot

'Kuroda' carrot

produces large yields. It is good for juicing and storage. 73 days

'Purple Haze' carrot

'Purple Haze' carrot

offers purple skins and can grow to 12 inches long in sandy soils. It has an orange core, and its color fades with cooking. 70 days

'Red Cored Chantenay' carrot

'Red Cored Chantenay' carrot

is an heirloom variety with deep orange color from skin to core. It has wide shoulders that taper to a point. 65 days

'Thumbelina' carrot

'Thumbelina' carrot

is good for growing in heavy soils. Its 2-inch long roots are good for baking. 60 days

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