How to Pick a Tree to Plant

Use our tips to select the best tree at your local garden center or nursery.

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Late-Season Perennial Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Add drama and interest to your late-season garden with these perennial flowers.

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Fall Gardening Lessons from Our Test Garden

Autumn can be an exciting time in your garden if you apply any of these tips from the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden.

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Gardening Basics

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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How to Plant Spring Bulbs

Plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall. Here┬┐s how!

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Guide to Growing Daffodils

Sure, they're beautiful, but daffodils are more than pretty spring faces. They're strong, reliable, critter-resistant, and easy to grow. You can select a series of daffodil types that will keep you in bloom for several weeks. Just remember to plant the bulbs in autumn to yield armloads of spring bouquets.

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How to Plant a Tree

A tree is one of the best landscaping investments you can make. Get tips for planting a tree to get it off to the best possible start.

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Brussels sprouts

Brassica oleracea_ Gemmifera group

If you've never had homegrown Brussels sprouts, you're in for a treat. They're smaller than those found in the supermarket, with a sweeter, more nutty flavor that's utterly delicious.

Brussels sprout plants have thick, trunklike stalks that grow 2-3 feet long, studded up and down with the edible sprouts, which look like baby cabbages. Each stalk may produce 50-100 sprouts. It is a slow-growing vegetable that requires 90 days or more to reach maturity. In most regions, start plants in spring for a fall harvest. Wait until after a few frosts to harvest. They'll be much milder-flavored and sweeter.


Part Sun, Sun



1 to 3 feet


1-2 feet wide

how to grow Brussels sprouts

more varieties for Brussels sprouts

'Jade Cross E Hybrid' Brussels sprouts
'Jade Cross E Hybrid' Brussels sprouts
is an improvement over the old 'Jade Cross Hybrid,' incorporating tolerance of botrytis, a fungal disease, into its characteristics. It matures early and bears dark green sprouts.
'Red Rubine' Brussels sprouts
'Red Rubine' Brussels sprouts
is an heirloom variety with purplish-red sprouts that hold their color even after cooking. It is an attractive alternative to the more common green varieties.

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