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Brassica oleracea_ Italica group

Mom was right: Broccoli is good for you. Nutritionists consider it a superfood that helps you in so many ways. Go ahead and boil it and serve it with butter, but also try adding it to stir-fries and Italian pasta dishes.

Broccoli needs just the right conditions to grow perfectly, so don't expect supermarket-sized heads from the home garden. Instead, you'll get smaller, very tender heads. This is because broccoli is a cool-season crop that grows best with extended cool weather in spring and fall (or during winter months in mild areas). The edible part of the plant is a cluster of flower buds. Most varieties produce one main large head 50-55 days after transplanting into the garden. If you leave the plant in place, smaller secondary buds will develop on side shoots.


Part Sun, Sun



From 1 to 8 feet


18-24 inches wide

how to grow Broccoli

more varieties for Broccoli
'Arcadia' broccoli

'Arcadia' broccoli

is a good disease-resistant variety for areas with foggy or wet conditions. Its tightly packed main head sheds water well and helps prevent rot. 69 days

'De Cicco' broccoli

'De Cicco' broccoli

is an Italian heirloom variety that bears a small main head, but produces a steady supply of side shoots all season long. 70 days

'Green Goliath'

'Green Goliath'

broccoli produces an 8-inch-diameter main head good for freezing. 55 days

'Packman' broccoli

'Packman' broccoli

forms a head in just 52 days and withstands heat better than most broccoli varieties, which makes it well adapted to the South and warm-summer regions.

'Small Miracle' broccoli

'Small Miracle' broccoli

grows only 1 foot tall and is a good choice for containers or small-space vegetable gardens. 55 days

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