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Amaranthus tricolor

Grow something a little different this year and try amaranth. It will likely grow taller than you and produce stunning, large reddish to gold flowers. It's almost worth growing just for the flowers alone.

Vegetable amaranth produces coleuslike green leaves overlaid with burgundy patches. Use the tender young leaves in salads and stir-fries as you would to spinach. The leaves have a nutty, tangy flavor so are best mixed with other greens. The seeds are a favorite of nutrition-conscious cooks, especially vegetarians, who like its high protein and fiber content. The seeds, which are produced in abundance, can be used as a cereal, ground into flour, popped, toasted, or cooked with other grains.





From 1 to 8 feet


1-3 feet wide

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how to grow Amaranth

more varieties for Amaranth
'Red Calaloo' amaranth

'Red Calaloo' amaranth

is grown primarily for its colorful and tasty leaves.

'Wario' amaranth

'Wario' amaranth

features burgundy blooms atop 5-foot-tall plants. Seeds can be ground into nutritious flour.

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