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Date palm

Phoenix_ spp.

Date palm is the source of date fruits found in grocery stores. It is a large tree with bluish-green fronds. It can either be a single-trunk or clumping palm. Date palms are quite drought- and salt-tolerant.

If you wish to grow dates, be sure to select a female tree; a single plant bears only male or female flowers, and male flowers are incapable of producing fruit.





8 to 20 feet


20-40 feet wide

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more varieties for Date palm
Canary Island date palm

Canary Island date palm

(Phoenix canariensis) has a brown trunk that can reach 2-3 feet across. The crown of the tree bears 15-foot-long silvery leaves, massed in a sphere, giving the tree a lollipop look. It is an excellent street tree. It grows 50-70 feet tall and 25-30 feet wide. Zones 9-11

Date palm

Date palm

(Phoenix dactylifera) produces the edible dates most commonly available in markets. Date palm is naturally a clumping tree, but its suckers are usually removed to create a single trunk. It works well to frame a multistory home or as a street tree. Date palm grows 50-60 feet tall and 20-25 feet wide. Zones 9-11

Pygmy date palm

Pygmy date palm

(Phoenix roebelinii) is the smallest date palm, growing 12-15 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide. Its slender, silvery leaves grow 5 feet long. The stem is armed with long spines, so it's not suitable to grow along walkways. It needs more moisture than other date palms and tolerates shade. Its compact size makes it well-suited for containers, either on the patio or indoors. Zones 10-11

Senegal date palm

Senegal date palm

(Phoenix reclinata) is a multitrunk palm with long, feathery green leaves and spines on leaf stems. It grows 40-50 feet tall and 25-40 feet wide. Senegal date palm is a slow grower that likes regular watering but tolerates dry periods. Zones 10-11

Silver date palm

Silver date palm

(Phoenix sylvestris) bears 10-foot-long silvery-blue to bluish-green leaves. They often appear to glow with a metallic sheen. The tree grows 55 feet tall and 25 feet wide. Use silver date as a street tree or to frame a home. It tolerates high rainfall conditions better than other date palms. Zones 9-11

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