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Lady palm

Rhapis_ spp.

Lady palms are shrubby, clumping palms that spread by underground rhizomes. Their leaves are fan-shape and dense, which makes them a good screening plant. Grow them in moderate to dense shade.


Part Sun, Shade


8 to 20 feet


2-15 feet wide

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more varieties for Lady palm

Dwarf lady palm
Dwarf lady palm
(Rhapis subtilis) is highly variable, ranging in size from 2 to 7 feet tall and wide. The fan-shape leaves are divided into three to 12 segments. It is a slow-growing palm that likes consistent moisture. Dwarf lady palm is native to Southeast Asia, and is less hardy than most other lady palms. Zones 10-11
Lady palm
Lady palm
(Rhapis excelsa) is the most widely grown species of lady palm. It has been cultivated for so long that its exact origins are unknown. Lady palm grows in light to heavy shade and makes an elegant houseplant. It also forms an excellent privacy screen. It grows 10 feet tall and wide. Zones 9-11
Slender lady palm
Slender lady palm
(Rhapis humilis) gets its name from its long, slender leaf segments, which grow to 18 inches long. And despite its common name, all plants sold are male, which means that it will not bear fruit. It makes a good container plant or privacy screen 15 feet tall and wide. Zones 9-11

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